altos/altosui: Add pad orientation configure option
[fw/altos] / src / ao.h
2011-08-03 Keith Packardaltos/altosui: Add pad orientation configure option
2011-08-02 Keith Packardaltos: Average height values for landing detection
2011-07-17 Keith PackardMerge branch 'preload-maps'
2011-07-17 Keith Packardaltos, altosui: Add igniter mode (dual, apogee, main) split-telemetry
2011-07-06 Keith Packardaltos: Switch flash drivers __xdata to __pdata
2011-07-06 Keith Packardaltos: Switch ao_flight and ao_flight_nano __xdata...
2011-07-06 Keith Packardaltos: switch ao_cmd __xdata to __pdata
2011-07-06 Keith Packardaltos: Switch const for __code in struct ao_cmds
2011-07-06 Keith Packardaltos: Switch ao_stdio.c __data to __pdata
2011-07-06 Keith Packardaltos: Switch ao_sample.c __xdata to __pdata
2011-07-06 Keith Packardaltos: Switch ao_log.c and ao_log_big.c __xdata to...
2011-07-06 Keith Packardaltos: Switch ao_gps_skytraq and ao_gps_sirf __xdata...
2011-07-06 Keith Packardaltos: Adapt to changes in telemetry Configuration...
2011-07-05 Keith Packardaltos: Complete new telemetry switchover
2011-07-05 Keith Packardaltos: Add split telemetry code
2011-06-28 Keith Packardaltos: Start adding new telemetry frame definitions
2011-06-28 Keith Packardaltos: Add arbitrary telemetry packet monitoring
2011-06-28 Keith Packardaltos: Rename telemetry to telemetry_orig
2011-05-07 Keith Packardaltos: Hook up the P1 ISR for TeleBT v0.1 bt_link line
2011-04-19 Keith PackardMerge branch 'telemini' into telebt
2011-04-19 Keith Packardaltos: Solidify BT connections
2011-04-08 Keith Packardaltos: Use PIO(6) on BTM to monitor BT connection....
2011-04-02 Keith PackardMerge branch 'telemini' into telebt
2011-04-02 Keith Packardaltos: Make cmd echo per-connection instead of global
2011-04-01 Keith Packardaltos: Make ao_serial_drain public
2011-04-01 Keith Packardaltos: Provide for a pre-filter on commands
2011-04-01 Keith Packardaltos: expose set of available stdio values
2011-04-01 Keith Packardaltos: Add initial TeleBT code
2011-03-29 Keith Packardaltos: Create custom nano flight code
2011-03-29 Keith Packardaltos: Split up flight code into separate flight/sample...
2011-03-21 Keith Packardaltos: Switch telemetrum over to kalman filter
2011-03-20 Keith Packardaltos: New telemetry report format (version 4). Support...
2011-03-20 Keith Packardaltos: Split out tiny telemetry from full telemetry
2011-03-20 Keith Packardaltos: Make telemetry interval more consistent
2011-03-20 Keith Packardaltos: Configure packet size from send/recv parameters.
2011-03-20 Keith Packardaltos: Don't init packet slave on TD. Make slave start...
2011-03-19 Keith Packardaltos: Write height values to log for nano/mini
2011-03-17 Keith Packardaltos: Add tiny logging for TeleMini/TeleNano
2011-03-16 Keith Packardaltos: Make serial, usb, beeper and accelerometer optio...
2011-03-07 Anthony Townssrc/ao_cmd: Shave off bytes from doc strings
2011-02-19 Anthony Townsao_radio: generalise setup of packet size
2011-01-17 Bdale GarbeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-01-17 Keith Packardaltos: Sample the accelerometer reference voltage on...
2011-01-17 Keith Packardaltos: Ensure flight code gets first crack at new ADC...
2011-01-16 Keith Packardaltos: TELEMETRY PROTOCOL CHANGE. Switch to 16-bit...
2011-01-08 Keith Packardaltos: Check for full log and complain
2011-01-07 Keith Packardaltos: support storage of multiple flights.
2011-01-07 Keith Packardaltos: Add configuration parameter for maximum flight...
2011-01-07 Keith Packardaltos: Move common storage code to ao_storage.c. Add...
2011-01-07 Keith Packardaltos: Require manual flight erasing.
2011-01-06 Keith Packardaltos: Simplify storage API
2010-12-23 Keith Packardaltos: Split out SPI driver.
2010-12-23 Keith Packardaltos: eliminate ao_wake_task
2010-12-23 Keith Packardaltos: clean up radio abort paths. Share radio code.
2010-09-05 Anthony TownsMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-09-02 Keith Packardaltos: Bounds check Skytraq GPS tracking data array
2010-08-27 Keith PackardMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into new-packet...
2010-08-27 Bdale GarbeeMerge branch 'new-packet-format' of ssh://
2010-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: prepare for sdcc 2.9.1
2010-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: mark gps date written only after it gets into...
2010-08-24 Keith Packardaltosui: write USB serial number string while flashing
2010-08-24 Anthony TownsMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-08-24 Bdale GarbeeMerge branch 'new-packet-format' of ssh://
2010-08-24 Keith Packardaltos: Place rom config variables in fixed location
2010-08-07 Keith Packardaltos: add callsign to packet mode, increase payload...
2010-07-28 Keith PackardMerge remote branch 'keithp/macos'
2010-07-28 Keith PackardMerge branch 'macos'
2010-07-28 Keith PackardMake ao_log_data re-entrant as it is used for both...
2010-07-21 Bdale GarbeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-07-15 Keith PackardTelemetry code was mis-computing RSSI
2010-06-17 Keith PackardMerge remote branch 'mjb/master'
2010-06-17 Keith PackardMerge remote branch 'origin/master'
2010-06-17 Keith PackardAdd special code for USB panic's.
2010-04-08 Keith PackardMerge remote branch 'origin/master'
2010-04-08 Keith PackardMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into altosui
2010-04-06 Keith PackardTasks may move in task structure as a result of ao_exit
2010-02-27 Keith PackardMerge remote branch 'origin/master'
2010-02-27 Keith PackardFix up LED colors for each product.
2010-02-21 Keith PackardChange altos build process to support per-product compi...
2010-02-14 Keith PackardLog GPS data on pad after boost detect.
2010-01-10 Keith PackardForce idle mode by shorting the SPI clock to ground...
2010-01-09 Keith PackardAdd AT45DBxx1D driver
2009-12-19 Keith PackardUse ao_radio_get/ao_radio_put in packet code.
2009-12-05 Keith PackardRe-order config values. Change frequency to cal
2009-12-05 Keith PackardAdd radio calibration configuration.
2009-12-05 Keith PackardMake ao_cmd_decimal produce both 32 and 16 bit values.
2009-11-16 Keith PackardStop using SiRF state info.
2009-11-16 Keith PackardAdd date to GPS data, captured from GPRMC packet.
2009-11-15 Keith PackardAdd flight number to telemetry stream.
2009-11-06 Keith PackardAdd reboot command.
2009-11-06 Keith PackardMove ao_match_word from ao_ignite.c to ao_cmd.c
2009-11-03 Keith PackardPass accel calibration over telemetry stream. Telemetry...
2009-11-03 Keith PackardAdd two-point accelerometer calibration.
2009-11-02 Keith PackardMerge remote branch 'origin/master' 0.6
2009-11-02 Keith PackardAdd ao_usb_pollchar to ao.h
2009-11-02 Keith PackardMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into skytraq
2009-11-02 Keith PackardEnable packet-based communcation to command processor
2009-10-31 Keith PackardPoke master to speed up packet rate when things are...
2009-10-31 Keith PackardSend SYN packet to set sequence numbers
2009-10-31 Keith PackardRemove reason from ao_dma_abort