descriptionAltOS - the operating system for Altus Metrum products
ownerKeith Packard
last changeThu, 28 May 2020 23:45:00 +0000 (16:45 -0700)
3 days ago Keith Packardaltos: Initialize pyro code for easytimer-v1 master
3 days ago Keith Packardeasytimer-v1: Enable pyro commands
3 days ago Keith Packardaltos: Fix ao_ignite.c to work without HAS_IGNITE
3 days ago Keith Packardaltos: Build easytimer-v1 by default
3 days ago Bdale Garbeealtos: add easytimer-v1 source directory
3 days ago Keith Packardaltos: Allow flight support without logging
3 days ago Keith Packardaltos: Allow BMX160 to be used as primary accel
3 days ago Keith Packardaltos: Allow igniter status beeping with only 'extra...
3 days ago Keith Packardaltos: Allow accel-only flight code
3 days ago Keith Packardaltos: Allow MPU9250 SPI speed to be set by application
3 days ago Keith Packardao-tools/ao-usbload: stubs in man page for missing...
10 days ago Keith PackardMark stm_interrupt_vector as const so it is READONLY
10 days ago Keith Packardaltos: Move from newlib-nano to picolibc
10 days ago Keith Packardignore .map files
10 days ago Keith Packardaltos/lpc: Add explicit defines for all register groups
10 days ago Keith PackardCreate map file for all programs
3 months ago debian/1.9.2-1
3 months ago 1.9.2 releasing 1.9.2
3 months ago android-26
3 months ago android-25
3 months ago android-23
3 months ago android-22
4 months ago altosdroid-1.9.1 altosdroid-1.9.1
5 months ago debian/1.9.1-1
5 months ago 1.9.1 releasing 1.9.1
15 months ago debian/1.9-3
16 months ago debian/1.9-2
16 months ago debian/1.9-1
16 months ago 1.9 releasing 1.9
19 months ago debian/1.8.7-2
19 months ago debian/1.8.7-1
19 months ago 1.8.7 releasing 1.8.7
3 days ago master
8 days ago pristine-tar
10 days ago debian
3 weeks ago easytimer
3 months ago branch-1.9
3 months ago more-bmx160
3 months ago bmx160
8 months ago picolibc
14 months ago ad1256
17 months ago easymotor
19 months ago keithp-debian-changes
19 months ago branch-1.8
19 months ago stm32f413
20 months ago newlib-nano
23 months ago adc-hacking
2 years ago tmgps