Leave serial number writing to aoload
[fw/altos] / Makefile
2009-05-28 Keith PackardLeave serial number writing to aoload
2009-05-14 Keith PackardRemove monitor/rssi functions from telemetrum load
2009-05-14 Keith PackardSplit out ao_state_names to separate file
2009-05-13 Keith PackardIndicate RSSI with a blinking LED
2009-05-09 Keith PackardAdd version command to show product information
2009-04-26 Bdale Garbeeclean up host programs, too
2009-04-26 Keith PackardClear more files on make clean
2009-04-26 Keith PackardLabel binaries with product and serial info
2009-04-26 Keith PackardAdd configuration support
2009-04-25 Keith PackardAdd monitor task to flight software
2009-04-24 Keith PackardUpdate flight algorithm based on data collected from...
2009-04-24 Keith PackardAdd igniters and update flight control algorithm
2009-04-24 Keith PackardAvoid ram from 0xfda2 through feff, its funky
2009-04-24 Keith Packardremove ao_flight_test until its ready
2009-04-24 Keith PackardAdd teledongle module
2009-04-22 Keith PackardClean up TeleTerra files
2009-04-22 Keith PackardUse sdcc from path
2009-04-21 Keith PackardFix up fancy dbg stuff. Add teleterra initial bits.
2009-04-21 Keith PackardAdd radio support. Build separate executables for TeleM...
2009-04-18 Keith PackardAdd gps, debug dongle support and pressure alt tables
2009-04-15 Keith PackardAdd in existing flight pieces: flight/report/log
2009-04-14 Keith PackardAdd eeprom driver and command loop
2009-04-14 Keith PackardSwitch from --model-large to --model-small
2009-04-13 Keith PackardAdd USB support.
2009-04-13 Keith PackardAdd beep/led support.
2009-04-13 Keith PackardAdd A/D sampler
2009-04-13 Keith PackardAdd 100Hz timer
2009-04-13 Keith PackardInitial AltOS import