2020-01-28 Keith PackardForce using opensdk-8 to build altosdroid
2020-01-28 Keith PackardGenerate altosdroid/app/build.gradle at configure time
2020-01-24 Keith Packardaltos: Always start application if boot pin isn't in use
2020-01-24 Keith Packardaltos: Disable ao_btm debug. Avoids breaking 's' command
2020-01-23 Keith Packardaltos: TeleMini beeper is on Tim2 CH4, not Tim3 CH4
2020-01-23 Keith Packardaltos: Make debug telemini firmware a bit easier to...
2020-01-22 Keith Packardaltos: Use AO_TICK_TYPE/AO_TICK_SIGNED for lco/pad...
2020-01-06 Keith Packardaltos: Build TeleMega v4.0 bits
2020-01-06 Keith Packardaltos: Initial bits for TeleMega v4.0
2019-12-11 Bdale Garbeedoc: update copyright year in footers, note need to...
2019-12-09 Bdale GarbeeReleasing: add TeleMetrum v3.0 firmware to production...
2019-12-06 Bdale GarbeeReleasing: capture notes from 1.9.1 release
2019-12-06 Bdale Garbeeupdate release date in all documents
2019-12-06 Bdale Garbeestart the process of releasing 1.9.1
2019-12-06 Keith PackardRelease note about self-flashing on windows waiting...
2019-12-06 Keith Packardaltosuilib: Wait for Windows to get ready with new...
2019-12-04 Keith Packardaltosuilib: Show the recovered product name in the...
2019-12-04 Keith Packardaltoslib: Linker script changed -> the USB desc is...
2019-11-26 Keith Packarddoc: Update docs to reference TeleMetrum v3 where appro...
2019-11-26 Keith Packarddoc: Mention TeleMetrum v3.0 in release notes for 1.9.1
2019-11-26 Keith Packardao-telem: Show all 24 bits of GPS altitude data
2019-11-26 Keith Packardaltos: Send "metrum" telemetry packets for TeleMetrum...
2019-11-26 Keith Packardaltoslib: Set up adxl375 for TM v3.0 in idle mode
2019-11-26 Bdale Garbeeao-bringup: add production test support for TeleMetrum...
2019-11-26 Bdale Garbeealtosuilib: TeleMetrum v3, like v2, doesn't use flash...
2019-11-26 Bdale Garbeealtosui: add TeleMetrum v3 to delivered firmware list
2019-11-26 Bdale Garbeealtosui: add monitor idle support for TeleMetrum v3
2019-11-23 Keith Packardaltos: TeleMetrum v3.0 has ADXL375 and Max-8Q
2019-10-27 Keith Packardaltoslib: Fix original telemetry sensor packet parsing
2019-10-27 Keith Packardaltoslib: Fix setting of CLASSPATH
2019-10-23 Bdale Garbeedoc: add some text about cross-bank drag race safe...
2019-10-23 Bdale Garbeedoc: add some text to TeleLaunch troubleshooting about...
2019-10-23 Keith Packardaltos: Improve labeling of telefire receive packet...
2019-10-23 Keith Packardaltos: Relabel packet receive status line for TeleFire...
2019-10-22 Bdale Garbeedoc: add more text to TeleLaunch manual, be less sloppy...
2019-10-18 Mike BeattieUpdate app to use Material Design Light theme
2019-10-18 Keith Packardaltoslib: Don't bother adding FREETTS to CLASSPATH
2019-10-18 Keith Packardaltosdroid: Make altosdroid code more resilient to...
2019-10-18 Keith Packardaltos/test: Get test code working again after restructuring
2019-10-18 Keith Packardaltos/telefire: Don't arm the box if the local arm...
2019-10-01 Bdale GarbeeTeleFireEight has simple green LEDs for continuity
2019-09-25 Keith Packardtelegps: Get --graph mode working after recent changes
2019-09-25 Keith Packardaltoslib: Don't crash when map flight data is missing
2019-09-25 Keith Packarddoc: Update for 1.9.1
2019-09-25 Keith Packarddoc: Describe new 'show nearest values' in map view
2019-09-23 Keith Packardaltos: Rename 'log' in ao_log_fireone to 'ao_fireone_data'
2019-09-23 Keith Packardaltos: Switch all main() to return 'int'
2019-09-19 Keith Packardaltosdroid: Update Makefile.am to run gradle-based...
2019-09-19 Keith Packardaltos: Add missing build files for avr/attiny devices
2019-09-18 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'mjb/android-build-update'
2019-09-18 Mike BeattieUpdate Google Maps API usage.
2019-09-18 Mike BeattieUpdate persistent notification in TelemetryService
2019-09-18 Mike BeattieConvert to AndroidX from support_v4
2019-09-18 Mike BeattieImport cleanup
2019-09-18 Mike BeattieCommented out duplicate strings
2019-09-18 Mike BeattieIndentation cleanup
2019-09-18 Mike BeattieAdd FOREGROUND_SERVICE permission which is now required
2019-09-18 Mike BeattieRemove versioning data from AndroidManifest.xml.in
2019-09-18 Mike BeattieClean up duplication in AndroidManifest.xml.in
2019-09-18 Mike Beattiebuildinfo data comes from Makedefs now, not Version
2019-09-18 Mike BeattieAdd gradle build files
2019-09-18 Mike BeattieUpdate files that reference new paths
2019-09-18 Mike BeattieMove java source, and resources to new paths for gradle
2019-09-18 Mike BeattieRemove ant build files
2019-09-16 Keith Packardaltos: Add EasyMega v3.0 bits (not setup correctly...
2019-09-16 Keith Packardaltos: Integrate BMX160 into data code
2019-09-16 Keith Packardaltos: Add bmx160 driver
2019-09-16 Keith Packardaltos: Replace ao_xmem functions with direct mem calls
2019-09-16 Keith Packarddrivers: Use 'main_value' instead of 'main'
2019-09-02 Keith Packardaltosui: Add speed and gps height to map display data
2019-09-01 Keith Packardaltosui: Display data for point nearest cursor in map...
2019-08-29 Keith Packardlibaltos: gitignore btletest
2019-08-29 Keith PackardAdd .gitignore files for new projects
2019-08-29 Keith Packardicon: Ignore generated LED images
2019-08-29 Keith PackardAdd new altosdroid icon
2019-08-13 Keith Packardaltos: Use fast timer for buttons instead of edge-trigg...
2019-08-05 Keith Packardaltosui: Make it possible to disable APRS
2019-08-05 Keith Packardaltosui: Fix path to easymini-v2.0 ihx file
2019-08-05 Keith Packardaltosdroid: Hack up build to 'work' for now
2019-08-02 Bdale Garbeeao-bringup: add a turnon_telefireeight script
2019-07-17 Keith PackardUse discovered java path for compiler and jni include...
2019-07-17 Keith Packardaltoslib: Stop using deprecated Java functionality
2019-07-16 Keith Packardao-tools/ao-eeprom: Add support for TeleFireTwo
2019-07-16 Keith Packardaltos: Record all failed sensors and report status...
2019-07-16 Keith Packardaltos/micropeak-v2.0: Reduce power usage
2019-07-16 Keith Packardaltos/stmf0: Allow SPI to be powered down when idle...
2019-07-16 Keith Packardaltos/stmf0: Add 'ao_serial_shutdown'
2019-07-16 Keith Packardaltos/stmf0: Leave power interface disabled until needed
2019-07-16 Keith Packardicon: Add altosdroid-specific icon
2019-07-16 Keith Packardaltosuilib: Don't crash when flashing an unknown device
2019-07-16 Keith Packardao-tools/ao-eeprom: Add altitude data for baro values
2019-07-16 Keith Packardao-tools/lib: Add atmosphere model
2019-07-15 Keith Packardao-tools/ao-telem: Fix man page and usage to match...
2019-07-15 Keith Packardaltos: Allow ms5607 driver to either set ao_sensor_erro...
2019-07-15 Keith Packardao-tools: Change ao-eeprom into eeprom analysis tool
2019-06-19 Keith Packardaltos/micropeak-v2: Update .gitignore
2019-06-19 Keith Packardaltos/micropeak-v2: Correct AO_LOG_ID value
2019-06-19 Keith Packardaltos/micropeak-v2: Erase log space at end of BOOST_DELAY
2019-06-19 Keith Packardaltos: Don't dump MS5607 eeprom in 'B' command
2019-06-19 Keith Packardaltoslib: Add support for MicroPeak v2 eeprom format