altos: Extend GPS altitudes to at least 24 bits everywhere
[fw/altos] / telegps /
2014-07-10 Keith Packardmicropeak/altosui/telegps: Fix icon file names
2014-07-05 Keith Packardtelegps: Support variable telemetry rate
2014-07-05 Keith Packardaltosui/telegps: Undo the frequency/telemetry menu...
2014-06-25 Keith Packardtelegps: Disable tracker config when not available
2014-06-25 Keith PackardClean all .desktop files, ignore them too
2014-06-25 Bdale GarbeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-06-23 Keith Packardaltosui/telegps: Expose configurable APRS SSID
2014-06-20 Keith Packardaltos/aprs: Encode last serial number in SSID. Transmit...
2014-06-20 Keith Packardaltosuilib: Wrap radio frequency menu in JMenuBar when...
2014-06-20 Keith PackardRename icon files to fit XDG specifications. Add file...
2014-06-19 Keith Packardlinux: .desktop files must begin with organization...
2014-06-18 Keith Packardmacosx: Respond to apple messages in all apps
2014-06-18 Keith Packardmacosx: Define icons for our file types on OS X
2014-06-18 Keith Packardwindows installer: Create file associations for Windows.
2014-06-18 Keith PackardFix java version detection and downloading
2014-06-17 Keith Packardjava: Bump java library versions for next release
2014-06-17 Keith Packardaltosui/telegps: Use menus for frequency list and telem...
2014-06-15 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2014-06-15 Keith Packardwindows: Sign altusmetrum.inf with
2014-06-15 Keith Packardtelegps: Deal with 64-bit windows differently on install
2014-06-15 Keith Packardwindows: Rename telemetrum.inf to altusmetrum.inf
2014-06-15 Keith Packardtelegps: Include telegps firmware in windows package
2014-06-15 Keith Packardtelegps/micropeak: Ship built Mac OSX icons
2014-06-14 Keith Packardtelegps: Fix Mac icon file name
2014-06-14 Keith Packardmicropeak: Make statistics entries un-editable
2014-06-14 Keith Packardalotsuilib: Remove old "mega" and "mini" file extension...
2014-06-14 Keith Packardaltosui/telegps: Switch to AltosUIIndicator and AltosUI...
2014-06-14 Keith Packardtelegps: Allow TeleGPS preferences to have a custom...
2014-06-14 Keith Packardtelegps: Shuffle menu entries around
2014-06-13 Keith Packardtelegps: Add status tab
2014-06-13 Keith Packardtelegps: Show flight number in monitor window
2014-06-13 Keith Packardtelegps: Disconnect telemetry device when closing monit...
2014-06-12 Keith Packardtelegps: Don't re-add frequency menu when already present.
2014-06-12 Keith Packardaltosui/telegps: Reduce CPU time needed for flight...
2014-06-12 Keith Packardtelegps: Remove 'Flight' from titles
2014-06-12 Keith Packardaltosui: Add pyro firing time configuration
2014-06-12 Keith Packardaltosuilib: Rewrite map GUI bits
2014-06-10 Keith Packardtelegps: Add statistics tab to graph UI
2014-06-10 Keith Packardaltoslib/altosui/telegps: Switch TeleGPS config to...
2014-06-10 Keith Packardaltoslib/altosui/telegps: Change log size configuration
2014-06-07 Keith Packardtelegps: Track graph windows as one of the TeleGPS...
2014-06-05 Keith Packardtelegps: Update icon and icon building
2014-06-03 Keith Packardtelegps: Trap AltosConfigDataException in telegps config
2014-05-31 Keith Packardtelegps: Add config for tracker starting distances
2014-05-30 Keith Packardtelegps: Fixup windows fat build harder
2014-05-30 Keith PackardTeleGPS firmware isn't quite ready, don't include in...
2014-05-30 Keith PackardCapture windows build error messages
2014-05-29 Keith Packardtelegps: Add missing file
2014-05-29 Keith Packardtelegps: Add graph display
2014-05-29 Keith Packardjava: Refactor AltosFlightDisplay units and font update...
2014-05-29 Keith Packardtelegps: Add info table
2014-05-29 Keith Packardtelegps: Add flash device functionality
2014-05-29 Keith Packardtelegps: Auto-connect to any base stations plugged...
2014-05-29 Keith Packardtelegps: Don't try to ship TeleGPS firmware yet
2014-05-29 Keith Packardtelegps: Add 'Info' tab
2014-05-29 Keith Packardtelegps: Hook up data download dialog
2014-05-29 Keith Packardtelegps: Add scan UI
2014-05-29 Keith Packardtelegps: Add preferences dialog
2014-05-29 Keith Packardtelegps: Add device configuration dialogs
2014-05-29 Keith Packardtelegps: Use altosui's Instdrv NSIS plugin for telegps
2014-05-29 Keith Packardtelegps: Working towards building fat versions of teleg...
2014-05-28 Keith Packardtelegps: Add first version of telegps