descriptioncharger for single-cell Lithium Polymer batteries
ownerBdale Garbee
last changeTue, 16 Jul 2013 04:27:56 +0000 (22:27 -0600)
2013-07-16 Bdale Garbeeupdate attributes to match what we'll use on the next... master
2013-07-16 Bdale Garbeeadd dk target
2013-07-14 Bdale Garbeedon't include top silk, it's a mess fab-1.1
2013-07-14 Bdale Garbeedrag Makefile, kicking and screaming, into the modern era
2013-07-14 Bdale Garbeefix outline layer to not trigger DRC errors
2013-07-14 Bdale Garbeemove caps to make it easier to build these by hand
2013-07-14 Bdale Garbeeswitch to shared symbols and packages
2013-01-21 Bdale Garbeemoving data sheets to central repo
2013-01-15 Bdale Garbeemove to common scheme library
2012-12-11 Bdale Garbeemove to partslistgag
2011-09-20 Bdale Garbeetweak centering of charge rate text
2011-09-20 Bdale Garbeerework silk to make the charge rate (somewhat) easier...
2011-06-07 Bdale Garbeeexplicitly do not include frontsilk in the zip file... fab-1.0
2011-06-06 Bdale Garbeechange version to 1.0 in preparation for requesting...
2011-05-03 Bdale Garbeeclean up silk screen
2011-05-03 Bdale Garbeefix stupidity in the LED circuit .. sigh
7 years ago fab-1.1
9 years ago fab-1.0
9 years ago fab-v0.2
9 years ago fab-v0.1
7 years ago master