2011-10-11 Keith Packardaltos/avr: Print newline after dumping ADC values
2011-10-11 Keith Packardaltos/avr: SPI mutex is now held by the caller, not...
2011-10-09 Keith Packardaltosui: Deal with missing state transitions in FlightS...
2011-10-09 Keith Packardaltosui: Deal with telem data that goes backwards in...
2011-10-09 Keith Packardaltos: Respond to telemetry rate changes immediately
2011-10-09 Keith Packardaltos: Improve TM v1.0 apogee estimate
2011-10-09 Keith PackardBump to
2011-10-08 Keith Packardaltosui: Remove igniter voltages from chart.
2011-10-08 Keith Packardaltos: Ignore ejection bumps when doing boost re-detect
2011-10-08 Keith Packardao-telem: Add new program to convert telem data to...
2011-10-08 Keith Packardaltosui: Allow for multiple instances of each state...
2011-10-08 Keith Packardaltosui: Max acceleration across boost instead of all...
2011-10-07 Keith Packardaltos: Write xdata versions of memory functions
2011-10-07 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/simple-quiet'...
2011-10-07 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'uniarch/master' into...
2011-10-07 Keith Packardaltos: TM: Don't turn on packet slave mode until idle...
2011-10-07 Keith Packardaltos: Delay reboot by a second to avoid re-entering...
2011-10-07 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into multiarch
2011-09-27 Bdale Garbeeadd run-time dependency on libjfreechart-java
2011-09-24 Bdale GarbeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.gag.com/scm/git...
2011-09-24 Bdale Garbeeinclude 1.0.1 release notes in docs, closes: #642705
2011-09-23 Keith Packardaltos: Debug code for telepyro doesn't fit in telescience
2011-09-22 Keith PackardDump test conversion of ADC0
2011-09-22 Keith PackardDump ADC registers
2011-09-22 Keith Packardaltos: Fix make-kalman to run under dash
2011-09-21 Bdale Garbeefix bashism that prevents building with /bin/sh->/bin...
2011-09-21 Bdale Garbeeadd missing sense_h entry in TelePyro table
2011-09-21 Keith Packardaltos: missing ao_log_single.c
2011-09-21 Keith Packardaltos: Add TelePyro v0.1 support
2011-09-21 Keith Packardaltos: Support staging by going back to boost as needed
2011-09-21 Keith Packardaltos: Pre-compute RDF packet len at compile time
2011-09-21 Keith Packardaltos: SPI slave code is now per-product
2011-09-17 Keith PackardUpdate to version 1.0.2 simple-quiet
2011-09-04 Keith Packardaltos: Silence radio while firing igniters
2011-09-04 Keith Packardaltos: Delay restart of RDF at apogee
2011-08-30 Bdale Garbeeinclude 1.0.1 release notes in docs
2011-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: Split avr clock initialization to ao_clock.c
2011-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: don't beep igniter continuity for telenano
2011-08-28 Keith Packardaltos: Report continuity in telebt
2011-08-28 Keith Packardaltos: add 'report' to telebt
2011-08-28 Keith Packardaltosui: Report error message back from libaltos
2011-08-28 Keith Packardaltosui: Add bluetooth bits back in
2011-08-28 Keith Packardaltos: Add the BT serial debug code back in, disabled
2011-08-28 Keith Packardaltos: Add pragma to eliminate unreachable code warning...
2011-08-28 Keith Packardaltos: Blink on telem packet receive instead of toggle
2011-08-28 Keith Packardaltos: Remove RSSI reporting from telebt
2011-08-28 Keith Packardaltos: Add RSSI blinking to new-style telemetry code
2011-08-28 Keith PackardBump version to
2011-08-28 Keith Packardaltos: Start logging telemetry data right at boot time
2011-08-28 Bdale Garbeeupdate changelogs for Debian build
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Share log code between telescience and telebt...
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltosui: launch controller button needs to move over
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Fix up telelaunch Makefile
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Add HAS_LOG for products that log to eeprom
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: ao_launch belongs in cc1111
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: add ao_aes/radio_cmac to tidongle, teledongle...
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: move igniter defines back to ao_pins.h
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Add makefile for telelaunch
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltosui: Hook up the launch controller UI from the...
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltosui: Add primitive UI for TeleLaunch
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Keep relay closed while firing launcher
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Finish up primitive telelaunch protocol
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Implement remote launch protocol
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Get AES CBC-MAC packet transfers running
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: More work on AES bits
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Start work on AES and raw radio interfaces.
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Start telelaunch product
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltosui: Add USB IDs for telelaunch and telelco to...
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Add 'send all baro' compile-time option
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: re-order ao_task to match single-arch code identical-build
2011-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Integrate telescience support
2011-08-26 Bdale Garbeemore release process doc updates
2011-08-26 Bdale Garbeeupdate release process docs
2011-08-26 Bdale Garbeeupdate changelogs for Debian build debian/1.0.1
2011-08-26 Bdale Garbeeroll back packaging changelog for rebuild 1.0.1
2011-08-26 Bdale Garbeeroll release notes version from 1.0 to 1.0.1
2011-08-26 Bdale Garbeeignore generated log file
2011-08-26 Bdale Garbeefix telemini firmware path name
2011-08-26 Bdale Garbeeupdate changelogs for Debian build
2011-08-26 Bdale Garbeeget ready for a 1.0.1 release
2011-08-26 Bdale GarbeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.gag.com/scm/git...
2011-08-26 Bdale Garbeemoving git-buildpackage config into .git/ since it...
2011-08-26 Keith Packardaltos: get avr-demo to build. Pull in AVR drivers and...
2011-08-26 Keith Packardaltos: add GCC/SDCC compat macros, init_stack, save_con...
2011-08-26 Keith Packardaltos: AVR changes - create ao_arch.h files, define...
2011-08-26 Keith Packardaltos: Restructure altos build to prepare for multi...
2011-08-26 Keith Packardaltos: Clear callsign on initial config load
2011-08-25 Bdale Garbeeupdate TeleMini turnon script now that we've made a...
2011-08-25 Bdale Garbeeuse multimaint-merge to make Debian changelogs less...
2011-08-25 Bdale Garbeeupdate changelogs for Debian build debian/1.0
2011-08-25 Bdale Garbeeadd a postinst to remove sources.list.d fragment delive... 1.0
2011-08-25 Bdale Garbeereally, I mean it, no longer deliver the sources.list...
2011-08-25 Bdale Garbeewe need a main category in the desktop file
2011-08-25 Bdale Garbeeupdate desktop file for consistency with package section
2011-08-25 Bdale Garbeerewind packaging changelog to last tagged version
2011-08-25 Bdale Garbeeao-view is no longer included in the altos package...
2011-08-25 Bdale Garbeechanges in preparation for upload to Debian
2011-08-25 Bdale Garbeedon't deliver sources.list fragment in official Debian...
2011-08-25 Bdale Garbeeprepare to release
2011-08-25 Bdale GarbeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.gag.com/scm/git...