2016-06-10 Keith Packardtelegps-v1.0: Document how SN 1959 was fixed
2016-06-05 Keith Packardaltosuilib: Only display map debugging when serial_debu...
2016-05-28 Keith Packardaltosuilib: Fill preload map on site or lat/lon change
2016-05-26 Keith Packarddoc: pad/idle indicator table was busted
2016-05-25 Keith Packardaltosuilib: Rename AltosUIMap*New.java to AltosUIMap...
2016-05-25 Keith Packardaltosuilib: Have map preload respond to units and font...
2016-05-25 Keith Packardaltoslib: use miles for distances > 1000ft.
2016-05-15 Keith Packardtelegps: Add monitor idle mode
2016-05-15 Keith Packardtelegps: Use log_space when flight_log_max is missing
2016-05-15 Keith Packardaltoslib: Add AltosIdleReader
2016-05-15 Keith Packardaltoslib: Add log_space to AltosState
2016-05-15 Keith Packardaltoslib: Set version and log space from AltosIdleFetch
2016-05-15 Keith Packardaltoslib: Allow empty values in AltosHashSet representation
2016-05-13 Keith Packardaltoslib: Store saved state in version-independent...
2016-05-13 Keith Packardaltoslib: Store common frequencies in library version...
2016-05-13 Keith Packardaltosui/telegps/micropeak: Handle both MULTI_LIB and...
2016-05-13 Keith PackardAutomatically run 'git submodule update' if necessary
2016-05-12 Keith PackardBump java library versions
2016-05-12 Keith PackardBump android app version
2016-05-12 Keith Packardtelegps: Adapt to distance units switching changes
2016-05-12 Keith Packardaltoslib: Get rid of AltosMap from AltosMapLoader
2016-05-12 Keith Packardaltosdroid: make disconnect stick past pause/restart
2016-05-12 Keith Packardaltoslib: Clean up map file and url handling
2016-05-12 Keith Packarddoc: Start update for 1.6.4
2016-05-12 Keith Packardaltosuilib: Don't flicker missing voltages when changin...
2016-05-12 Keith Packardaltosdroid: Rate limit map loading pacifier
2016-05-12 Keith Packardaltoslib: Allow map preloading to be aborted
2016-05-12 Keith Packardaltosuilib: Rate limit map loading pacifier updates
2016-05-12 Keith Packardaltoslib: Remove some debug printf calls
2016-05-12 Keith Packardaltoslib: Switch distance from m/ft to km/miles for...
2016-05-12 Keith PackardAdd TeleMega to spec list. Add TeleGPS RF output.
2016-05-12 Keith PackardPublish firmware with keithp-fat
2016-05-12 Keith Packardaltosdroid: Check for closed before writing/reading...
2016-05-12 Keith Packardaltosui/telegps: Ship firmware for new hardware
2016-05-09 Bdale GarbeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.gag.com/scm/git...
2016-05-09 Bdale Garbeeprocess updates made during 1.6.3 release cycle
2016-05-09 Keith PackardBump version to v1.6.3.1
2016-05-09 Keith Packardaltos/cc1111: Use SW to drive UART RTS pin
2016-05-07 Keith PackardIgnore some built files for 1.6.3
2016-05-06 Bdale GarbeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.gag.com/scm/git...
2016-05-06 Bdale Garbeeadd beep to TeleMega turnon script
2016-05-06 Keith Packardwindows: Change install to look for browser in a differ...
2016-05-05 Keith Packardaltoslib: Fix map preloading callbacks, run in separate...
2016-05-05 Keith Packardmicropeak: Change order of windows install so that...
2016-05-05 Keith Packarddoc: 1.6.3 release notes note TeleBT rts/cts and TM...
2016-05-05 Keith Packarddoc: Update AltosDroid chapter for 1.6.3
2016-05-02 Keith Packardaltos: Make sure AO_MMA655X_INVERT is declared where...
2016-05-02 Keith Packardaltoslib: Deal with TeleMetrum v2.0 MMA6555 being inverted
2016-05-01 Keith Packardpublish AltosDroid in keithp-fat target
2016-05-01 Keith Packardaltoslib: Flush during set_state. Don't store listener...
2016-05-01 Keith Packardaltoslib: Correct stats for flights without a real...
2016-05-01 Keith Packardaltosdroid: max height is a height, not a speed
2016-04-30 Keith PackardRevert "altos/stm: Run scheduler code on interrupt...
2016-04-30 Keith Packarddoc: Add idle mode info to 1.6.3 release note
2016-04-28 Keith Packardaltoslib: Make AltosPreferencesBackend abstract. Add...
2016-04-27 Keith Packardaltosdroid: Add configurable frequency set
2016-04-27 Keith PackardFix key in AndroidManifest.xml.in
2016-04-27 Keith Packardaltosdroid: Split setup functions to separate dialog
2016-04-26 Keith Packardaltosdroid: Add idle mode monitoring, reboot. Start...
2016-04-25 Keith Packardaltos: Clear packet queue when starting packet master
2016-04-25 Keith Packardaltos/telebt-v3.0: Flip CTS/RTS pins for BT module
2016-04-25 Keith Packardaltos/stm32l: Add support for software-driven HW flow...
2016-04-25 Keith Packardaltos: Use TXE instead of TC for serial on STM32l
2016-04-25 Keith PackardDebug bits for telebt
2016-04-22 Keith Packardaltoslib: Don't try to drag lines around until map...
2016-04-22 Keith Packardaltoslib: Report exceptions caught while opening launch...
2016-04-22 Keith Packardaltoslib: Use feet per second for imperial speed
2016-04-22 Keith Packardaltosdroid: Run even without Bluetooth
2016-04-22 Keith Packardaltosdroid: Redraw offline map when my location changes
2016-04-22 Keith Packardaltosdroid: Track device location in app, not telemetry...
2016-04-22 Keith PackardBump version to 1.6.3
2016-04-22 Keith Packardaltosdroid: Can only use message once
2016-04-22 Keith PackardAdd preliminary 1.6.3 release notes
2016-04-22 Keith Packardlibaltos: Fix for Mac OS X El Capitan
2016-04-22 Justin VreelandFix java class differing only by case
2016-04-22 Keith PackardPrepare for new Android release by updating version...
2016-04-22 Keith PackardAltosDroid play store keys have moved, update configure.ac
2016-04-22 Keith PackardUpdate java library version numbers
2016-04-20 Keith Packardaltos: avoid mixed declarations and code in ao_task.c
2016-04-20 Keith Packardaltoslib: switch from keySet() to keys() in altos map...
2016-04-20 Keith Packardaltoslib: Make AltosGPSSat implement Serializable
2016-04-20 Keith Packardaltoslib: Add debugging to AltosPreferences.state(...
2016-04-20 Keith Packardaltosdroid: Don't set target location if lat/lon is...
2016-04-20 Keith Packardaltos/telefiretwo-v0.2: Change alarm names in comment
2016-04-20 Keith Packardaltos/stmf0: Fix external interrupts
2016-04-20 Keith PackardAdd TeleFireTwo v0.2 project
2016-04-20 Keith Packardaltos/telelcotwo: Add idle timeout
2016-04-20 Keith Packardaltos: Use simpler debounce logic for buttons
2016-04-20 Keith Packardaltos: Add ao_lco_two.c; alternate LCO interface code
2016-04-20 Keith Packardaltos: Fix telefiretwo .gitignore
2016-04-20 Keith Packardaltos: Add TeleLCOTwo firmware
2016-04-20 Keith Packardaltos: Support pad/lco boxes with fixed box numbers
2016-04-20 Keith Packardaltos: Allow for pad boxes with different sensor config...
2016-04-20 Keith Packardaltos: telefiretwo-v0.1 bits
2016-04-20 Keith Packardaltos: Add pad support for new telefire versions
2016-04-20 Keith Packardaltos: Support telefire products in cc1200 driver
2016-04-13 Keith Packardaltos/detherm: Add servo driver
2016-04-13 Keith Packardaltos/detherm: Add ms5607 to detherm
2016-04-13 Keith Packardaltos: Add easy mini plotting helper in test code
2016-04-13 Keith Packardaltos: Add ao_gpi_set/clr_bits functions