2009-08-19 Keith PackardHandle GPS satellite tracking data
2009-08-19 Keith PackardAdd ao-ejection.1 man page
2009-08-19 Keith PackardCreate ChangeLog from git log
2009-08-19 Keith PackardFix ao-bitbang examples to not have . in the first...
2009-08-18 Keith PackardAdd manual pages for remaining commands.
2009-08-18 Keith PackardUse --tty/-T on command line to specify target device
2009-08-18 Keith PackardRename tools to ao-<foo>
2009-08-18 Keith PackardRemove unused cctools code paths for old libusb and...
2009-08-18 Keith Packardtest for sdcc, nickle and readline
2009-08-10 Keith PackardSync USB data after each memory write command
2009-08-09 Keith PackardHandle partial ALSA PCM writes
2009-08-09 Keith PackardCheck more alsa return statuses
2009-07-18 Keith PackardDon't report distance to rocket without valid GPS
2009-07-18 Keith PackardAdd B command to set serial baud rate
2009-07-18 Keith PackardGet rid of spaces after minus sign in climb value
2009-07-18 Keith PackardSwitch to 57600 baud for GPS data
2009-07-18 Keith PackardDrain serial port before changing speed
2009-07-18 Keith PackardDisplay last known GPS coord while unlocked
2009-07-18 Keith Packarduse g_source_destroy instead of free on serial object
2009-07-18 Keith PackardTrim aoview_serial_set_callback args down to just port...
2009-07-18 Keith PackardReset GPS at boot time
2009-07-18 Keith PackardFix up serial debug output
2009-07-18 Keith PackardAllow the GPS port to run at 4800 baud if desired
2009-07-18 Keith PackardInitialize the GPS serial protocol state
2009-07-18 Keith PackardUse uint8_t for comparisons to avoid int conversions
2009-07-18 Keith PackardAdd AO_GPS_RUNNING state.
2009-07-18 Keith PackardAdd M command to monitor serial bytes
2009-07-18 Keith PackardSupport the not-connected GPS state
2009-07-18 Keith PackardUse 57600 baud for GPS. Clean up gps init.
2009-07-18 Keith PackardTry harder to get the GPS receiver serial link sync...
2009-07-18 Keith PackardRolling average for pad location. Say 'GPS ready'.
2009-07-17 Keith PackardSplit GPS data into a separate column
2009-07-17 Keith PackardFix up SiRF parsing and test code so that it actually...
2009-07-17 Keith PackardAdd host-side gps protocol testing program
2009-07-11 Keith PackardHook aoview directly to alsa
2009-07-10 Keith PackardShow speed. Format numbers. Timeout and report final...
2009-07-05 Keith PackardDont smash aoview_monitor_parse input buffer
2009-06-30 Keith PackardIntegrate flite into aoview directly. Fix great circle...
2009-06-30 Keith PackardMake window taller
2009-06-30 Keith PackardUse 16kHz voice
2009-06-30 Keith PackardAdd telem replay and larger labels
2009-06-30 Keith PackardUpdate aoview/.gitignore
2009-06-30 Keith PackardUse flite to announce flight state
2009-06-30 Keith PackardAdd GPS speed and error data to telemetry and aoview
2009-06-29 Keith PackardConvert GPS to SiRF binary protocol.
2009-06-18 Keith PackardAdd ejection computation utility
2009-06-17 Keith PackardFix clock initialization to not try to use 32kHz xtal...
2009-06-15 Keith PackardSome kernels reference USB ttys as tty/tty* instead...
2009-06-14 Keith PackardRename state apogee -> coast
2009-06-14 Keith Packardrename states. launchpad -> pad, coast -> fast
2009-06-14 Keith PackardDisable monitor mode when communicating via usb
2009-06-04 Keith PackardFormat GPS seconds as %02d.%04d to avoid spaces in...
2009-06-04 Bdale Garbeenewer INSTALL file pulled in by autogen.sh
2009-06-04 Bdale Garbeeadd a distclean target to src/Makefile
2009-06-04 Bdale Garbeeadd lib to the front of the subdir list
2009-06-04 Keith PackardMove build and debug tools to 'cctools' directory.
2009-06-04 Keith PackardMerge ccdbg and altos sources into one giant repository
2009-06-04 Keith PackardUse autotools, move altos to src subdir
2009-06-04 Keith PackardMake menu seperator insensitive
2009-06-04 Keith Packardaoview: Add eeprom data fetching
2009-06-03 Keith PackardStop log dumping at flight end. Print 'end' at end...
2009-05-31 Keith PackardStart adding bi-directional packet link
2009-05-29 Keith PackardEliminate RDF tone generation.
2009-05-29 Keith PackardChange .gitignore to match new aoload procedure
2009-05-28 Keith PackardLeave serial number writing to aoload
2009-05-28 Keith PackardAdd aoload to load serial-numbered altos binaries.
2009-05-24 Keith PackardFix aoview telemetry GPS parsing code to use correct...
2009-05-24 Keith PackardParse both telemetry or log data ao_flight_test
2009-05-24 Keith PackardAvoid 16-bit overflow in velocity computation.
2009-05-20 Keith PackardMake file handling more general so it can be reused.
2009-05-18 Keith PackardIgnore aoview_glade.h
2009-05-18 Keith PackardTransmit computed ground pressure and acceleration... 0.4
2009-05-18 Keith PackardProvide install target
2009-05-18 Keith PackardEmbed glade file in executable
2009-05-18 Keith PackardAdd About dialog to aoview.
2009-05-18 Keith PackardUSB device names can contain '.' too
2009-05-18 Keith Packardscandir returns -1 on error
2009-05-18 Keith PackardSend computed accel/vel/pres values over the radio 0.3
2009-05-18 Keith PackardHandle disappearing serial devices
2009-05-18 Keith PackardWhile on the pad, zero out velocity every second
2009-05-17 Keith PackardClear table, reset log on disconnect
2009-05-17 Keith PackardAdd pad lat/lon, max accel, max height
2009-05-17 Keith PackardClean up GPS display
2009-05-17 Keith PackardMake aoview window taller
2009-05-17 Keith PackardAdd lots more aoview UI bits
2009-05-17 Keith PackardWhen logging starts up, right the whole ring to the...
2009-05-17 Keith PackardAbandon use of accelerometer for apogee detect.
2009-05-16 Keith PackardAdd preliminary aoview code sn4-flight1 sn4-flight2
2009-05-14 Keith PackardDiscard usb output before connection. Handle USB reset. 0.2
2009-05-14 Keith PackardEnable radio monitor by default in teleterra, teledongl...
2009-05-14 Keith PackardRemove monitor/rssi functions from telemetrum load
2009-05-14 Keith PackardSplit out ao_state_names to separate file
2009-05-13 Keith PackardIndicate RSSI with a blinking LED
2009-05-13 Keith PackardMake ao_flight_test show AGL altitude and positive...
2009-05-13 Keith PackardMake ao_flight_test able to read raw logging data
2009-05-13 Keith PackardPrint only RSSI when packet CRC is invalid
2009-05-13 Keith PackardAccelerometer-based velocity values are invalid after...
2009-05-13 Keith PackardAdd velocity check for boost detect via accelerometer
2009-05-13 Keith PackardTypo in callsign
2009-05-11 Keith PackardUse recorded accelerometer baseline data in ao_flight_test