altos: Expose ao_gps_set_rate from u-blox driver
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2014-05-21 Keith Packardaltos: Expose ao_gps_set_rate from u-blox driver
2014-05-21 Keith Packardaltos: Fix cc115l debug build
2014-05-21 Keith Packardaltos: Allow APRS to send just battery voltage
2014-05-21 Keith Packardaltos/lpc: whitespace
2014-05-21 Keith Packardaltos/lpc: adc code computes number of active ADC channels
2014-05-21 Keith Packardaltos/stm: Make stm applications depend on ao_boot.h
2014-05-16 Keith Packardaltos: stm and lpc ao_boot.h were identical. move to...
2014-05-16 Keith Packardaltos: Use explicit boot loader signal in ao_boot_reboot
2014-05-15 Bdale Garbeeinclude EasyMega Makefiles
2014-05-15 Bdale Garbeeworking?
2014-05-15 Bdale Garbeelose the (old) easymega-v1.0 directory in favor of...
2014-05-15 Keith Packardaltos: Make quadrature debounce per-pin rather than...
2014-05-15 Keith Packardaltos/telemini-v2.0: Enable beep frequency configuration
2014-05-15 Keith Packardaltos/telemini-v2.0: Remove old baro->alt conversion...
2014-05-15 Keith Packardaltos/cc1111: Switch P1_0 from a green LED to USB pullup
2014-05-15 Keith Packardaltos/cc1111: Add support for CPU-driven USB pullup
2014-05-14 Keith Packardaltos/cc1111: Errata fix isn't needed for discontinued...
2014-05-14 Keith Packardaltos/cc1111: Wait for xtal to be stable
2014-05-13 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2014-05-13 Keith Packardaltos/flash-loader: Check memory addresses against...
2014-05-13 Keith Packardaltos/stm: Use #define'd constants for GPIO register...
2014-05-13 Keith Packardaltos/stm: Figure out available flash space based on...
2014-05-13 Keith Packardaltos/stm: White space fix in ao_boot_pin.c
2014-05-13 Keith Packardaltos/stm: Use flash address of boot loader instead...
2014-05-13 Keith Packardaltos: Assume all LPC products will have 32KB of flash
2014-05-13 Keith Packardaltos: Report amount of program space available in...
2014-05-13 Keith Packardaltos: Add LED test command to pca9922 driver
2014-05-09 Bdale Garbeefix copyright year
2014-05-09 Keith Packardaltos: Simplify quadrature tracking
2014-05-09 Keith Packardaltos: Clean up trailing whitespace in ao_pad.c
2014-05-09 Keith Packardaltos: Fix byte offsets in the mega AO_LOG_FLIGHT packets
2014-05-09 Keith Packardaltos: ublox driver always offers course data when...
2014-05-09 Keith Packardaltos: 8051 64 * 16 multiply function was broken for...
2014-05-08 Bdale Garbeerelay control implemented, this project is now complete
2014-05-08 Bdale Garbeefirst cut of usbrelay-v0.1 support .. LEDs wiggle,...
2014-05-02 Keith Packardaltos: Add configurable beep tone
2014-05-01 Keith Packardaltos: For telelco discovery packets, retry 5 times...
2014-04-13 Keith Packardaltos: Switch beeping to farnsworth spacing
2014-04-11 Keith Packardaltos: Add 'microwater' product
2014-04-07 Keith Packardaltos: Fix nanopeak compile
2014-04-07 Keith Packardaltos: Provide stable binaries for MicroPeak
2014-04-07 Keith Packardaltos: Replace C code attiny async output with inline asm
2014-04-06 Keith Packardaltos: Build TeleBalloon v2.0 by default
2014-04-05 Keith Packardaltos: Report battery voltage instead of S at startup
2014-04-05 Keith Packardaltos: Rename 'core' to 'kernel'
2014-03-29 Keith Packardaltos: HAS_LED is useless; remove it
2014-03-17 Keith PackardAdd easymega firmware
2014-03-11 Keith Packardaltosui: Hide Tilt Angle values when not available
2014-03-10 Keith Packardaltos: Another missing usbtrng file
2014-03-10 Keith Packardaltos: Missing ao_pins files for usbtrng
2014-03-10 Keith Packardaltos: Fix LPC LED driver
2014-03-10 Keith Packardaltos: fix building LPC serial support for STDIO
2014-03-10 Keith Packardaltos: Don't require projects to define PACKET_HAS_SLAVE
2014-03-09 Keith PackardAdd USB True Random Number Generator product
2014-03-09 Keith PackardRe-add LCD bits to stm-demo
2014-03-09 Keith PackardAdd flash loader for stm-demo board
2014-02-20 Bdale GarbeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-02-18 Keith Packardaltos: Create balloon-specific load for TMv2 hardware
2014-02-18 Keith Packardaltos: Make balloon code run again
2014-02-18 Keith Packardaltos: Set reasonable accel values when !HAS_ACCEL
2014-02-18 Keith Packardaltos: Expose ao_usb_running globally
2014-02-18 Keith Packardaltos: Move balloon flight code to core
2014-02-10 Keith Packardaltos: Put locked/unlocked GPS status in APRS comments
2014-02-10 Keith Packardaltos: Re-send previous GPS position in APRS if lock...
2014-02-09 Keith Packardaltos: Fixup named ADC printing
2014-02-09 Keith Packardaltos: Add needed math sources to TeleGPS v0.1 build
2014-02-09 Keith Packardaltos: Report nsat in view in APRS packet
2014-02-09 Keith Packardaltos: Don't write more than 12 sat infos in ublox...
2014-02-09 Keith Packardaltos/stm: Block interrupts while reprogramming flash
2014-02-09 Keith Packardaltos: Enable system timer in flash loader and prod...
2014-02-09 Keith Packardaltos: Eliminate warnings in FAT code
2014-02-09 Keith Packardaltos: Add watchdog timer task
2014-02-09 Keith Packardaltos: Add names when reporting STM ADC values
2014-02-07 Keith Packardaltos: report 0/0/0 for APRS position when GPS is not...
2014-01-24 Keith Packardaltos: Tmega Don't try to log info about more than...
2014-01-15 Keith Packardaltos: Add missing ADC divider values for Tmega v1.0
2014-01-15 Keith Packardaltos: Report battery, apogee and main voltages over...
2014-01-15 Keith Packardaltos: Use factory calibration for all acceleration...
2014-01-15 Keith Packardaltos: Switch APRS to compressed position format
2014-01-02 Keith Packardaltos: Flip acceleration data consistently for orientat...
2013-12-28 Keith Packardaltos: Add 'O' command for TeleMega orient testing
2013-12-21 Keith Packardaltos: Turn on -Werror for STM and LPC builds
2013-12-21 Keith Packardaltos: Turn on warnings for LPC products too
2013-12-21 Keith Packardaltos/lpc: Missing */ in definition of PIO0_4
2013-12-21 Keith Packardaltos: lpc exti setup was incorrectly testing mode
2013-12-21 Keith Packardaltos: cc115l driver tone_run wasn't recording number...
2013-12-21 Keith Packardaltos: Clean up warnings for LPC products
2013-12-21 Keith Packardaltos/stm: Turn on -Wextra
2013-12-21 Keith Packardaltos: Add default button return value from ao_button_get
2013-12-21 Keith Packardaltos: unsigned value in ao_pyro_set checked for negati...
2013-12-21 Keith Packardaltos: Clean up -Wextra warnings
2013-12-21 Keith Packardaltos: Turn on -Wall for stm compiles
2013-12-21 Keith Packardaltos: Clean up some minor warnings from -Wall
2013-12-21 Keith Packardaltos: mma655x also needs ao_sensor_errors
2013-12-21 Keith Packardaltos: Complain about sensor self-test errors only...
2013-12-21 Keith Packardaltos: 3-axis accel calibration was invalid in explicit...
2013-12-21 Keith Packardaltos: Execute self-test on MMA655X part
2013-12-19 Bdale GarbeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh:// 1.3
2013-12-19 Bdale Garbeefix missing newline at end of src/test/Makefile
2013-12-19 Keith Packardaltos/lpc: Stop sending SETUP IN when the requested...