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2016-01-11 Keith Packarddoc: Remove extraneous 'first off' from legal paragraph
2016-01-11 Keith Packarddoc: Remove telemini v2.0. Add telemega v2.0
2016-01-11 Keith Packarddoc: fix typo in using external active switch circuit...
2016-01-11 Keith Packarddoc: Update copyright year in altusmetrum doc
2016-01-10 Keith PackardAdd release notes for 1.6.2
2016-01-10 Keith PackardElide flight computer info from APRS section of TeleGPS...
2016-01-10 Keith PackardElide pyro channel information from EasyMini docs
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2015-11-14 Keith Packarddoc: Split out EasyMini into a separate manual
2015-11-14 Keith Packarddoc: Reformat html versions a bit
2015-11-14 Keith Packarddoc: Move pad beeps table to usage chapter
2015-11-14 Keith Packarddoc: Provide more actual links instead of just chapter...
2015-11-14 Keith Packarddoc: Reformat 'Using MicroPeak' section
2015-11-14 Keith PackardBreak out common pieces from TeleGPS and AltusMetrum
2015-11-02 Keith Packarddoc: Add product logos to books
2015-11-01 Keith Packarddoc: verbose mode for a2x
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2015-11-01 Keith Packarddoc: Minor makefile cleanups
2015-11-01 Keith Packarddoc: Convert telemetry and companion docs to asciidoc
2015-11-01 Keith Packarddoc: Convert AltOS doc to asciidoc
2015-11-01 Keith Packarddoc: Finish converting docs to asciidoc format
2015-11-01 Keith Packarddoc: Add titles to all figures
2015-11-01 Keith Packarddoc: Add updating firmware and using am products asciid...
2015-11-01 Keith Packarddoc: Add asciidoc version of Altos Droid manual
2015-11-01 Keith Packarddoc: Add asciidoc version of altosui chapter.
2015-11-01 Keith Packarddoc: Lots more conversion from docbook to asciidoc
2015-11-01 Keith Packarddoc: Add asciidoc telemini v1.0
2015-11-01 Keith Packarddoc: Start doc transition to asciidoc
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2015-07-31 Bdale Garbeeadd a paragraph about TeleBT battery charging to AltosD...
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2015-07-15 Keith Packarddoc: Update for 1.6.1
2015-05-19 Keith Packarddoc: Clarify what 'after motor' means
2015-03-07 Keith Packarddoc: Update telemetry docs to include new packet formats
2015-02-08 Keith Packarddoc: update 1.6 release notes with recent bug fixes
2015-02-07 Keith PackardUpdate version 1.6 release notes with more bug fixes
2015-02-06 Keith PackardUpdate docs for 1.6
2014-10-09 Bdale Garbeedocument pyro current limits in an appendix
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2014-09-07 Keith Packarddoc: Update for version 1.5 release
2014-06-25 Keith PackardAdd note about including Google maps API key
2014-06-25 Keith PackardAdd 1.4.1 release notes
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2014-06-16 Keith Packarddoc: Add instructions for flash recovery technique
2014-06-15 Bdale Garbeeadd release to revision history
2014-06-15 Bdale Garbeetweaks
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2014-06-15 Bdale Garbeedocument mounting hole size for TeleGPS
2014-06-14 Keith Packarddoc: TeleGPS docs are complete
2014-06-14 Keith Packarddoc: Add a bunch more stuff to the telegps docs
2014-06-12 Keith Packarddoc: Add TeleGPS screenshots
2014-06-12 Keith Packarddoc: Update altusmetrum docs and screen shots for 1.4
2014-06-12 Keith Packarddoc: Update 1.4 release notes to include a few more...
2014-06-03 Keith Packarddoc: Create release notes for version 1.4
2014-05-29 Keith Packarddoc: Add outline of TeleGPS doc
2014-05-16 Keith Packarddoc: Document the Apogee Lockout setting
2014-04-05 Keith Packarddoc: Document new voltage beeping at startup time
2014-04-05 Keith Packarddoc: Outline files are now generated, so don't put...
2014-03-08 Keith Packarddoc: Add separate outline pdf generation
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2014-02-20 Bdale Garbeetypo fixes from Matt Kraai
2014-02-18 Keith Packarddoc: Need to publish .svg files as well
2014-02-18 Keith PackardRe-create drill templates
2014-02-17 Bdale Garbeedeliver images used in MicroPeak manual to web server...
2014-02-17 Bdale Garbeeupdate copyright year assertion in MicroPeak manual...
2014-02-10 Keith Packarddoc: Update the 1.3.2 release notes to include APRS...
2014-02-10 Keith Packarddoc: Add remaining configurable parameters to the Syste...
2014-02-08 Keith Packarddoc: Add title page image to altusmetrum.pdf
2014-02-08 Keith Packarddoc: Ignore generate template XSL file
2014-02-08 Keith Packarddoc: Document GPS max height addition
2014-02-08 Keith Packarddoc: Update micropeak docs to include lots of pictures
2014-02-08 Keith Packarddoc: Micropeak doc updates for 1.3.2
2014-02-01 Keith Packarddoc: Mention that an APRS interval of 0 disables it...
2014-01-31 Keith Packarddoc: Replace screen captures with 'active' window ones
2014-01-31 Keith Packarddoc: Update screen capture of pyro config with correct...
2014-01-31 Keith Packarddoc: Add explicit paragraph about using one battery...
2014-01-25 Keith Packarddoc: Fix spelling of decelerate
2014-01-25 Keith Packarddoc: Document flight computer wiring connections
2014-01-24 Keith Packarddoc: Add 1.3.2 release notes
2014-01-23 Bdale Garbeeupdate copyright date on main documentation file
2014-01-22 Keith Packarddoc: Update for 1.3.1
2014-01-22 Keith Packarddoc: Fix image widths to make them all scale the same...
2014-01-15 Keith Packarddoc: Ship telemini outline as pdf file too
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2013-12-19 Keith Packarddoc: Add tables describing AltOS beeps and flashes
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2013-12-18 Keith Packarddoc: typo in micropeak doc hole->hold
2013-12-18 Keith Packarddoc: Update micropeak quick start guide to note new...
2013-12-18 Keith Packarddoc: Publish images with HTML bits
2013-12-18 Keith Packarddoc: Add screen shots everywhere
2013-12-18 Keith PackardAdd altosui image and attempt to add launch photo to...
2013-12-17 Bdale Garbeefurther documentation tweaks
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