descriptionAltOS - the operating system for Altus Metrum products
ownerKeith Packard
last changeSun, 13 Apr 2014 14:58:36 +0000 (08:58 -0600)
2 days ago Bdale Garbeeugly hack (just make sleep longer) to work around ttyAC... master
3 days ago Keith Packardaltos: Switch beeping to farnsworth spacing
3 days ago Keith Packardaltosuilib: Make lines in graphs 2 units wide
4 days ago Keith Packardaltoslib/altosui/altosuilib/libaltos: Remove trailing...
4 days ago Keith Packardaltos: Add 'microwater' product
9 days ago Keith Packardaltosui: Disable flight log configuration while flights...
9 days ago Keith Packardaltos: Fix nanopeak compile
9 days ago Keith Packardaltos: Provide stable binaries for MicroPeak
9 days ago Keith Packardaltos: Replace C code attiny async output with inline asm
10 days ago Keith Packardaltos: Build TeleBalloon v2.0 by default
10 days ago Keith Packardao-bringup: Split out easymini test into separate script
10 days ago Keith Packardaltosui: Add ignitor tab for TeleMega extra ignitors
11 days ago Keith Packarddoc: Document new voltage beeping at startup time
11 days ago Keith PackardBump version to 1.3.3
11 days ago Keith Packardaltos: Report battery voltage instead of S at startup
11 days ago Keith Packarddoc: Outline files are now generated, so don't put...
2 months ago debian/1.3.2-1
2 months ago 1.3.2 releasing 1.3.2
2 months ago debian/1.3.1-1
2 months ago 1.3.1 1.3.1 release
3 months ago debian/1.3-1
3 months ago 1.3 releasing 1.3
7 months ago debian/1.2.1-3
10 months ago debian/1.2.1-2
10 months ago debian/1.2.1-1
10 months ago 1.2.1 releasing 1.2.1
11 months ago altosdroid_v1.1.9.3 AltosDroid v1.1.9.3 uploaded to...
11 months ago altosdroid_v1.2 AltosDroid v1.2 uploaded to Google...
11 months ago altosdroid_v1.2-1 AltosDroid v1.2-1 uploaded to Googl...
14 months ago Version
16 months ago micropeak-build-2012-12-09
16 months ago Version
2 days ago master
2 months ago pristine-tar
2 months ago debian
2 months ago branch-1.3
2 months ago fox
3 months ago with-pdclib
3 months ago droid-prefs
6 months ago new-state
7 months ago telemetrum-v2.0
7 months ago telemini
7 months ago telegps-v0.3
7 months ago branch-1.2
10 months ago lpc
11 months ago telemega
11 months ago stm-flash
11 months ago droid-gps