descriptiontiny baro-only dual deploy altimeter with telemetry
ownerBdale Garbee
last changeSat, 27 Jul 2019 23:41:15 +0000 (16:41 -0700)
2019-07-27 Keith PackardSwitch pyro series resistors to 1k master
2017-04-26 Keith PackardClean up copper a bit.
2017-04-26 Keith PackardMove passives around to try and put a bit of mask betwe...
2017-04-25 Keith PackardSeeed needs refdes on the silk so they can load the...
2017-02-27 Bdale Garbeelet's keep a copy of gafrc in the repo
2017-02-23 Keith PackardLoad the 2-pin screw terminal
2017-02-23 Keith PackardHide element names in PCB fab-v3.0
2017-02-21 Keith PackardAdjust soldermask to pass freedfm tests
2017-02-20 Keith PackardSwitch version to 3.0
2017-02-19 Keith PackardSwitch to USB on the debug connector. Sadly, lose the...
2017-02-19 Keith PackardAdd serial tx/rx to debug connector
2016-07-16 Keith PackardAdd xtal for radio
2016-04-05 Keith PackardClean up partslists. Play with RF section.
2016-04-05 Keith PackardSilk changes
2016-03-29 Keith PackardMove power via out from under SoC. Fix copper around...
2016-03-29 Keith PackardAdd mounting holes on the other end by making the board...
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