2009-03-16 Keith PackardAdd telemetrum beeper example
2009-03-16 Keith Packardsdcc gets the lib path correct based on the model
2009-03-16 Keith PackardBump debug speed back up
2009-03-08 Keith PackardOnly flip changing bits in async mode
2009-03-08 Keith PackardThe debug port only works if reset is higher than clock...
2009-03-08 Keith PackardMake manual bit flipping sync after every transaction
2009-03-07 Keith PackardAdd ccmanual
2009-03-07 Keith PackardSync after manual bit reading
2009-03-07 Keith PackardFlip debug pins around to match telemetrum
2009-03-07 Keith PackardWait for a while when switching the RESET_N line
2009-03-02 Bdale Garbeeminor s51.1 formatting fixes
2009-03-02 Keith PackardAdd s51 manual.
2009-03-02 Keith PackardSometimes the link breaks and the GET_PC command return...
2009-01-25 Keith PackardSupport 'set' command
2009-01-06 Keith PackardExpose ccdbg_set_clock API
2009-01-06 Keith PackardUse custom sdcc libraries (this needs to be configured...)
2009-01-06 Keith PackardHave S51 ignore SIGINT while running under sdcdb.
2008-12-31 Keith PackardAdd simple and timer sample programs
2008-12-31 Keith PackardSave/restore registers to host during memory operations...
2008-12-29 Keith PackardFix flashing less than a full page of data. Verify...
2008-12-28 Keith PackardUse SFR access funcs. Support 'dump' command. Add ...
2008-12-28 Keith PackardSave/restore regs when reading/writing memory. Add...
2008-12-27 Keith Packards51: get start address from ihx file. re-enable breakpo...
2008-12-27 Keith PackardSwitch to libusb-1.0 and use async interface.
2008-12-27 Keith Packards51: add breakpoints and the ability to block awaiting...
2008-12-23 Keith PackardAdd more commands to s51 assembly-language debugger
2008-12-23 Keith PackardMake read_memory debug output use ccdbg_debug.
2008-12-22 Keith PackardAdd preliminary version of s51, a UI clone of the 8051...
2008-12-21 Keith PackardCleanup work; separating out the cp interface to be...
2008-12-20 Keith PackardClean up autotools stuff.
2008-12-20 Keith PackardAutotools.
2008-12-20 Keith PackardIgnore .ihx files
2008-12-20 Keith PackardMove blink example to subdir
2008-12-20 Keith PackardClean up makefiles, move ihx files to .ihx
2008-12-19 Keith Packardignore more stuff
2008-12-19 Keith PackardAdd cc1111 isr stub example
2008-12-19 Keith PackardAdd blink-tiny flash and ram versions
2008-12-19 Keith PackardFlash multiple pages. Eliminate off-by-one error in...
2008-12-19 Keith PackardAdd flash writing code.
2008-12-18 Keith Packardfaster
2008-12-18 Keith Packardcq
2008-12-18 Keith PackardAdd ability to load Intel HEX files. Add sample sdcc...
2008-12-18 Keith PackardAdd ability to read/write arbitrary memory. Write LED...
2008-12-18 Keith PackardMove manual bit-banging debug code to separate file
2008-12-18 Keith Packardreduce clock to 50us
2008-12-18 Keith PackardFill out ccdbg-command to support all debug commands.
2008-12-18 Keith PackardClean up bitbanging layer. Add debug printfs.
2008-12-17 Keith PackardClean up sample debug files
2008-12-09 Keith PackardAdd support for input-only lines (-)
2008-12-07 Keith PackardAdd another example
2008-12-07 Keith PackardAdd libusb support and lots more examples
2008-11-29 Keith PackardRandom hacking
2008-11-28 Keith PackardAdd prototypes, add stub mainline, add .gitignore
2008-11-27 Keith Packardcc1111 debug port access through cp2103 serial chip