Add preliminary version of s51, a UI clone of the 8051 emulator.
authorKeith Packard <>
Mon, 22 Dec 2008 07:33:35 +0000 (23:33 -0800)
committerKeith Packard <>
Mon, 22 Dec 2008 07:33:42 +0000 (23:33 -0800)
Add preliminary version of s51, a UI clone of the 8051 emulator.

sdcdb provides source-level debugging using the 8051 emulator, s51. By
emulating that emulator a the UI level, we should be able to get source
debugging right on our target platform.

This is just the preliminary structure for the program with most commands
not yet implemented.
lib/cp-usb.h [new file with mode: 0644]
s51/ [new file with mode: 0644]
s51/commands [new file with mode: 0644]
s51/s51-command.c [new file with mode: 0644]
s51/s51-main.c [new file with mode: 0644]
s51/s51-parse.c [new file with mode: 0644]
s51/s51.h [new file with mode: 0644]