2016-02-08 Keith PackardAdd red LED v0.4
2016-02-08 Keith PackardUse smaller traces for signal runs
2016-02-08 Keith PackardG6 part has pin 18 as VDDIO2, not GPIO
2016-01-20 Keith PackardResize J6 name on PCB
2016-01-19 Keith PackardAdd outline bits to USB connector slots
2016-01-19 Keith PackardAdd force-flash pin. Move components to preferred-parts.
2016-01-19 Keith PackardSwitch to 28-pin QFN process. Rework for tiny box.
2016-01-18 Keith PackardRemove spurious comma from transistor mfg part number
2016-01-18 Keith PackardFix attributes to build complete parts list
2016-01-18 Keith PackardFix fill on bottom to follow the outline
2016-01-18 Keith PackardReplace USB footprint with updated version including...
2016-01-17 Keith PackardUse 27k resistors on the input to create a false ground
2015-12-29 Keith PackardSwitch to shared build system. Move project name on...
2015-12-29 Keith PackardUse op-amp instead of transistor
2015-03-20 Keith PackardConnect high voltage shutdown pin to CPU
2015-03-16 Keith PackardRename to 'ChaosKey'
2015-03-05 Keith PackardRemove spurious .pcb files
2015-02-25 Keith PackardSwitch to usbAmale connector
2015-02-25 Keith PackardSwitch to the usbAmale connector
2015-02-12 Keith PackardFix attributes with gattrib lqfp-32
2015-02-10 Keith PackardShove ink around to make it usable for loading boards
2015-02-10 Keith PackardUse the available LQFP-32 package
2015-02-09 Keith PackardFix STM32F042 part number to reflect desired package high-voltage
2015-02-02 Keith PackardFinish single source version
2015-01-30 Keith PackardStart work on single high-voltage source version
2015-01-06 Keith PackardUse keithp-friendly muffin template dual-source
2015-01-06 Keith PackardSwitch one MSOP8 pad from round to square
2014-12-26 Keith PackardFix D2 goof-up. Adjust value silk positions
2014-12-26 Keith PackardFix component values and DK parts numbers
2014-12-24 Keith PackardAdd words to the back silk fab-dual-source-1.0
2014-12-24 Keith PackardLayout version with dual noise sources and STM32F042...
2014-12-24 Keith PackardAdd a 20V darlington source. Switch to STM32F042 (Schem...
2014-12-24 Keith PackardShuffle board part labels around to make them usable
2014-02-24 Bdale Garbeeadd version number to the silk
2014-02-24 Bdale Garbeeop amps only need picoamps of bias, so use 1M resistors...
2014-02-24 Bdale Garbeeselect resistor values, update attributes
2014-02-23 Bdale Garbeefixes from Keith's initial design review
2014-02-23 Bdale Garbeeupdate to use a miso pin for the random bits
2014-02-23 Bdale Garbeeinitial design capture