2012-09-07 Mike Beattiealtoslib: comment out unused methods
2012-09-07 Mike Beattiealtoslib: access static variables via class, not instance
2012-09-07 Mike Beattiealtoslib: comment out un-used variables
2012-09-07 Mike Beattiealtoslib: Remove un-needed imports
2012-08-30 Keith Packardaltos: another .gitignore file
2012-08-30 Keith Packardaltos: ao_cc_spi.h isn't necessary for telelco
2012-08-30 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'mjb/master'
2012-08-30 Keith Packardaltos: Add a bunch of .gitignore entries
2012-08-30 Keith Packardaltos: Shuffle LCO functions around, add telelco first cut
2012-08-30 Keith Packardaltos: Disable debug printfs and fix pad ignite time...
2012-08-30 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: Implement voice just like altosui
2012-08-30 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: Move bluetooth check to first task
2012-08-30 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: add rssi/serial/flight, and re-work UI...
2012-08-30 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: rename ambiguous TextView name
2012-08-30 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: formatting/whitespace, correct ids
2012-08-30 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: rework lat/lon to more common format
2012-08-30 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: rename azimuth/altitude to elevation/height...
2012-08-30 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: move units into code, to match altosui
2012-08-29 Keith PackardMerge remote-tracking branch 'mjb/master'
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: spiradio debug serial is port 1, not port 0
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: SPI radio - use 1->0 for 'done' and 0->1 for...
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: fix ao_pad debug output for query command
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: Use updated pad protocol for lco commands
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: Note changes to configured AES key for SPI radio...
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: Wait for IN dma complete on slave SPI send
2012-08-29 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: initial attempt at a UI.
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: Oops. forgot ao_data.c
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: Add spiradio Makefile
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: Mostly working SPI radio link
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: Include the radio_cmac debug commands in telefire
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: Explicitly erase memory in STM eeprom driver.
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: Track protocol changes to ao_pad debug messages
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: Stop providing debug commands in seven-segment...
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: Move radio_cmac test funcs from ao_lco_cmd.c...
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: When sharing radio DMA for AES, use it for in...
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: Fix ao_delay function and move from per-chip...
2012-08-29 Keith Packardao-stmload: Always round up load amount to 4 byte boundary
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: Enable STM SYSCFG when routing EXTI
2012-08-29 Keith Packardaltos: No need to initialize EXTI priorities at startup...
2012-08-29 Bdale GarbeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.gag.com/scm/git...
2012-08-29 Bdale Garbeelibelf-dev added to build deps
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: update Makefile.am for source file changes.
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: Add Dumper class for testing
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: add timer to stop service
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: do service start/bind/unbind in start/stop...
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: move methods around
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: tidy up old messages
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: stop sending device name, just send config...
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: whitespace
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: override add_reply() to add android based...
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: more logical name for connection_lost(...
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: rework ConnectThread
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: fix a connection retry having a null pointer
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: fix double call of stopAltosBluetooth()
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: Miscellaneous comments/debug/etc cleanup
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: miscellaneous cleanup
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: Add passing of Device Config at connect
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: Add new "TelemetryReader" class to handle...
2012-08-28 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: create connected() method
2012-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Add spiradio product
2012-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: sdcdb rc file for telefire
2012-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Add SPI linked radio API
2012-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Clean up radio APIs
2012-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Build telelco and spiradio when possible
2012-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Expose a signed version of the tick count
2012-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Specify the LCD duty cycle for stm-demo
2012-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Test multiple quadrature devices. Export quadrat...
2012-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Seven segment display driver
2012-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: More SPI slave changes for cc1111 driver
2012-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Add SPI slave get/put macros to cc1111
2012-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Provide interface for STM LCD driver.
2012-08-27 Keith Packardaltos: Rename drivers/ao_lco to drivers/ao_lco_cmd
2012-08-27 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: Let a freshly connected client know what...
2012-08-27 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: Add Connected/Connect_failed messages
2012-08-27 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: don't need keys for Bundles anymore
2012-08-27 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: Toast() requests don't need Bundles
2012-08-27 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: really don't need to store a local copy...
2012-08-27 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: remove complexity around message passing
2012-08-26 Keith Packardaltos: Trigger sample complete when all data are ready
2012-08-26 Keith Packardaltos: Shrink STM stack size
2012-08-26 Keith Packardaltos: Make ao_cur_task_index track ao_cur_task in...
2012-08-26 Keith Packardaltos: Make 'pad' driver useful with telefire v0.1
2012-08-26 Keith Packardaltos: Add debug command for 74hc597 driver
2012-08-26 Keith Packardaltos: Allow sharing of radio DMA with aes engine
2012-08-26 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: begin adding TextToSpeech support.
2012-08-26 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: whitespace cleanup
2012-08-26 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: Send device name and connected state back...
2012-08-26 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: re-work connect/thread handling in AltosBlu...
2012-08-26 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: remove old commented code
2012-08-26 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: add handling when restarting BT. delay...
2012-08-26 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: set devicename and pass on to clients
2012-08-26 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: Send current state to client on connect
2012-08-26 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: add missing break; (just in case!)
2012-08-26 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: debugging statements
2012-08-26 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: forgot change to IncomingHandler constructo...
2012-08-26 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: Strings and Layout changes
2012-08-26 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: lots of debugging statements
2012-08-26 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: need sendMessageToClients() for setState...
2012-08-26 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: Need access to handler inside AltosBluetooth
2012-08-26 Mike Beattiealtosdroid: reflect change in message name