Flip serial TX code around a bit
[fw/altos] / target /
2009-03-25 Keith PackardFlip serial TX code around a bit
2009-03-25 Keith PackardTry serial polarity high/high
2009-03-25 Keith PackardMake serial test simpler
2009-03-25 Keith PackardFlip start/stop bits around
2009-03-25 Keith PackardStop high
2009-03-25 Keith PackardChange radio to -30dBm
2009-03-25 Keith PackardAdd serial test program
2009-03-25 Keith PackardWait for xtal to stabilize after changing to 24MHz
2009-03-25 Keith PackardActually return byte read from SPI
2009-03-25 Keith PackardClear UxCSR_TX_BYTE after transmitting a byte
2009-03-25 Keith PackardLed the LED turn on
2009-03-25 Keith Packardactually write and compare SPI test bits
2009-03-25 Keith PackardAdd USART-based SPI test code
2009-03-25 Keith PackardChange spi test string
2009-03-25 Keith PackardOops, not merging in the bit read for SPI test
2009-03-25 Keith PackardAdjust clock/data phase for spi test
2009-03-24 Keith PackardMISO needs to be an input
2009-03-24 Keith PackardAdd bit-banging spi eeprom test program
2009-03-18 Bdale Garbeeworking beep at around 4khz
2009-03-18 Keith PackardAdd simple test program to light up the transmitter...
2009-03-16 Keith PackardCorrectly comment which bit the beep program uses
2009-03-16 Keith PackardAdd telemetrum beeper example
2009-03-16 Keith Packardsdcc gets the lib path correct based on the model
2009-01-06 Keith PackardUse custom sdcc libraries (this needs to be configured...)
2008-12-31 Keith PackardAdd simple and timer sample programs
2008-12-29 Keith PackardFix flashing less than a full page of data. Verify...
2008-12-20 Keith PackardClean up autotools stuff.
2008-12-20 Keith PackardAutotools.