doc: new TeleLaunch system manual
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2019-02-22 Bdale Garbeedoc: new TeleLaunch system manual
2019-01-03 Keith Packarddoc: Skip .pdf generation when asciidoctor-pdf is missing
2018-12-31 Keith Packarddoc: Add 1.9 release notes
2018-11-02 Keith Packarddoc: Use icons for admonitions
2018-10-26 Keith Packarddoc: Remove asciidoc related files
2018-10-25 Keith Packarddoc: Switch to asciidoctor to format docs
2018-10-07 Bdale GarbeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-10-07 Keith Packarddoc: Make use of 'faketime' configurable with configure...
2018-10-06 Keith PackardAdd map-loading documentation
2018-10-06 Keith Packarddoc: Use RELEASE_DATE to set PDF timestamps using faketime