Trim aoview_serial_set_callback args down to just port and callback
[fw/altos] / aoview / aoview_monitor.c
2009-07-18 Keith PackardTrim aoview_serial_set_callback args down to just port...
2009-07-18 Keith PackardSupport the not-connected GPS state
2009-07-10 Keith PackardShow speed. Format numbers. Timeout and report final...
2009-07-05 Keith PackardDont smash aoview_monitor_parse input buffer
2009-06-30 Keith PackardIntegrate flite into aoview directly. Fix great circle...
2009-06-30 Keith PackardAdd telem replay and larger labels
2009-06-30 Keith PackardAdd GPS speed and error data to telemetry and aoview
2009-06-04 Keith PackardMerge ccdbg and altos sources into one giant repository
2009-06-04 Keith Packardaoview: Add eeprom data fetching
2009-05-24 Keith PackardFix aoview telemetry GPS parsing code to use correct...
2009-05-18 Keith PackardTransmit computed ground pressure and acceleration... 0.4
2009-05-18 Keith PackardSend computed accel/vel/pres values over the radio 0.3
2009-05-18 Keith PackardHandle disappearing serial devices
2009-05-17 Keith PackardClear table, reset log on disconnect
2009-05-17 Keith PackardAdd lots more aoview UI bits
2009-05-16 Keith PackardAdd preliminary aoview code sn4-flight1 sn4-flight2