Stop log dumping at flight end. Print 'end' at end of log.
[fw/altos] / ao_log.c
2009-06-03 Keith PackardStop log dumping at flight end. Print 'end' at end...
2009-05-17 Keith PackardWhen logging starts up, right the whole ring to the...
2009-05-11 Keith PackardRecord average accelerometer value in flight start...
2009-04-26 Keith PackardMake sure full log is written and flushed on landing.
2009-04-24 Keith PackardAdd igniters and update flight control algorithm
2009-04-21 Keith PackardFix up fancy dbg stuff. Add teleterra initial bits.
2009-04-21 Keith PackardAdd radio support. Build separate executables for TeleM...
2009-04-19 Keith PackardAdd task names and 'T' command to show task status.
2009-04-19 Keith PackardFix GPL version at 2
2009-04-18 Keith PackardAdd gps, debug dongle support and pressure alt tables
2009-04-15 Keith PackardMove a bunch of variables from __data to __xdata
2009-04-15 Keith PackardAdd in existing flight pieces: flight/report/log