Parse both telemetry or log data ao_flight_test
[fw/altos] / ao_flight_test.c
2009-05-24 Keith PackardParse both telemetry or log data ao_flight_test
2009-05-13 Keith PackardMake ao_flight_test show AGL altitude and positive...
2009-05-13 Keith PackardMake ao_flight_test able to read raw logging data
2009-05-11 Keith PackardUse recorded accelerometer baseline data in ao_flight_test
2009-04-30 Keith PackardUse 'char' instead of 'uint8_t' for character data
2009-04-26 Keith PackardAdd configuration support
2009-04-25 Keith PackardAllow for slower ADC operation. Add power saving code.
2009-04-25 Keith PackardDisplay data with units while running simulation
2009-04-24 Keith PackardUpdate flight algorithm based on data collected from...
2009-04-24 Keith PackardAdd igniters and update flight control algorithm