descriptionDebian packaging of gzip
ownerBdale Garbee
last changeTue, 25 Feb 2020 23:41:45 +0000 (16:41 -0700)
2020-02-25 Bdale Garbeeinclude upstream signing key master debian/1.10-1
2020-02-25 Bdale Garbeeupdate changelog
2020-02-25 Bdale Garbeeuse more pre-baked dpkg Makefile snippets in rules...
2020-02-25 Bdale Garbeegive the mingw32 package a self-contained description
2020-02-25 Bdale Garbeelet make display commands for automatic log checkers
2020-02-25 Bdale Garbeeupdate to current standards version
2020-02-25 Bdale Garbeedelete trailing whitespace from control files
2020-02-25 Bdale Garbeeupdate to modern debian/copyright format
2020-02-25 Bdale Garbeeupdate watch file format, include upstream signing key
2020-02-25 Bdale Garbeedocument mingw linker fix and close associated bug
2020-02-25 Bdale Garbeeexplicitly link -lssp when building with mingw
2020-02-25 Bdale GarbeeWabi patch already merged in new upstream version
2020-02-25 Bdale Garbeenew upstream version already has fresh gnulib
2020-02-25 Bdale Garbeemingw patch appears to be applied in new upstream version
2020-02-25 Bdale Garbeeupdate changelog for new upstream version
2020-02-25 Bdale GarbeeUpdate upstream source from tag 'upstream/1.10'
19 months ago debian/1.10-1
19 months ago upstream/1.10 Upstream version 1.10
2 years ago debian/1.9-3
2 years ago debian/1.9-2.2 Debian release 1.9-2.2
2 years ago debian/1.9-2.1 Debian release 1.9-2.1
3 years ago debian/1.9-2
3 years ago debian/1.9-1
3 years ago upstream/1.9 Upstream version 1.9
3 years ago v1.9 gzip 1.9
4 years ago upstream/1.8 Upstream version 1.8
5 years ago v1.8 gzip 1.8
5 years ago v1.7 gzip 1.7
5 years ago debian/1.6-5
7 years ago debian/1.6-4
7 years ago debian/1.6-3
8 years ago debian/1.6-2
19 months ago pristine-tar
19 months ago master
19 months ago upstream
11 years ago beta