descriptionhex-channel flight computer
ownerBdale Garbee
last changeSun, 15 Apr 2018 14:15:40 +0000 (08:15 -0600)
2018-04-15 Bdale Garbeeadd label for servo connector and update proto version... master servos
2018-04-02 Bdale Garbeelose the 10k pull-down on boot0 fab-v2-proto1
2018-04-02 Bdale Garbeeroute complete, drc clean
2018-04-02 Bdale Garbeemove to smaller 16 Mhz crystal used in TeleMini to...
2018-04-01 Bdale Garbeere-assign spi ports
2018-04-01 Bdale Garbeeupdate schematic to reflect current TeleMega design...
2016-02-17 Bdale Garbeeversion 2, with servo outputs, route complete and DRC...
2016-02-17 Bdale Garbeeadd servo output connector to schematic, forces move...
2014-07-25 Bdale Garbeerefdes in the silk doesn't help us any fab-v1.0
2014-07-25 Bdale Garbee4ucon connectors
2014-07-25 Bdale Garbeegive the STM a part number
2014-07-24 Bdale GarbeeDK is out of one variant of the LiPo charger, the other...
2014-07-24 Bdale Garbeeupdate schematic to resolve no-connects in drc
2014-07-24 Bdale Garbeefix dangling bypass cap, route complete, drc clean...
2014-05-14 Bdale Garbeeattribute tweaks
2014-03-18 Bdale Garbeeresolve apparent round-off error issues fab-0.1
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