2015-12-24 Keith PackardSwitch to TO252FET footprint
2015-12-23 Keith PackardSwitch FET footprints to TO252
2015-12-21 Keith PackardAdd beeper
2015-12-18 Keith PackardHook up PB6 to force boot loader entry.
2015-12-17 Keith PackardAdd pyro voltage sense, as in TeleFire
2015-12-16 Keith PackardSwitch to 22uF cap. Rewire SPI.
2015-12-16 Keith PackardMake refdes useful for loading boards.
2015-11-21 Keith PackardRoute complete and off to seeed v0.1
2015-11-21 Keith PackardRename nets to match pad numbers
2015-11-16 Keith PackardSwitch to CC1200 radio part
2015-10-29 Keith PackardAdd .gitignore
2015-10-29 Keith PackardDisable visibility of device and footprint attributes
2015-10-28 Keith PackardForward annotate a few part attribute changes from...
2015-10-28 Keith PackardSet 'value' for our huge screw terminal device
2015-10-28 Keith PackardMove refdes around on the pcb
2015-10-28 Keith PackardRemove unneeded part attributes
2015-10-28 Keith PackardClean up traces a bit
2015-10-27 Keith PackardRoute on two layers
2015-10-27 Keith PackardCut rectangles for USB connector slots
2015-10-27 Keith PackardAdd USB power jumper for bringup. Fix floods.
2015-10-27 Keith PackardSwitch to shared build process
2015-10-25 Keith PackardInitial import