Layout version with dual noise sources and STM32F042 processor
[hw/chaoskey] / usbtrng.pcb
2014-12-24 Keith PackardLayout version with dual noise sources and STM32F042...
2014-12-24 Keith PackardShuffle board part labels around to make them usable
2014-02-24 Bdale Garbeeadd version number to the silk
2014-02-24 Bdale Garbeeop amps only need picoamps of bias, so use 1M resistors...
2014-02-24 Bdale Garbeeselect resistor values, update attributes
2014-02-23 Bdale Garbeefixes from Keith's initial design review
2014-02-23 Bdale Garbeeupdate to use a miso pin for the random bits
2014-02-23 Bdale Garbeeinitial design capture