2017-04-26 Bdale Garbeetelebt-v4.0: make git ignore products of build
2017-04-26 Bdale Garbeetelegps-v2.0: slow down radio chip spi speed
2017-04-26 Bdale Garbeetelebt-v4.0: slow down SPI speed to radio chip
2017-04-26 Bdale Garbeetelebt-v4.0: turn off pin remapping in the flash loader...
2017-04-26 Bdale Garbeetelebt-v4.0: don't need the USB pin remapping flag
2017-04-26 Bdale Garbeetelebt-v4.0: add ao_send_packet
2017-04-26 Bdale GarbeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.gag.com/scm/git...
2017-04-26 Bdale Garbeetelebt-v4.0: initial creation of firmware for new produ...
2017-04-25 Keith Packardaltos/nucleo-32: Add lisp save/restore
2017-04-25 Keith Packardaltos/telegps-v2.0: git ignore make results
2017-04-25 Keith PackardIgnore ao_lisp_test
2017-04-25 Keith PackardUpdate releasing to add more firmware bits
2017-04-25 Keith Packardaltosui: Add TeleMini v3.0 and EasyMini v2.0 firmware...
2017-04-25 Keith Packardaltos/ao-bringup: Switch turnon_easymini to v2.0
2017-04-25 Keith Packardaltosui: Ship telemini v3.0 firmware
2017-04-25 Keith Packardaltos: Add telemini-v3.0 and easymini-v2.0 to default...
2017-04-25 Keith Packardaltos/easymini-v2.0: Add EasyMini v2.0
2017-04-25 Keith Packardaltos/telemini-v3.0: Fix license
2017-04-25 Keith Packardaltos/stmf0: Not all timer configurations use AF2
2017-04-25 Bdale Garbeeadd telemini-v3.0 to list of binaries we stach in LLC...
2017-04-25 Bdale Garbeetwo more places where telemini-outline.pdf filename...
2017-04-25 Keith PackardBump to version 1.7
2017-04-25 Keith Packardaltoslib: renamed AltosSensorTMini2, but didn't update...
2017-04-24 Bdale Garbeeupdate copyright year in docs
2017-04-24 Keith Packardaltos/ao_pad.c: Use #if HAS_LOG instead of #ifdef HAS_LOG
2017-04-24 Keith Packarddoc: Errors in the TeleMini v3.0 updates found by Bdale
2017-04-23 Keith Packardaltos: Move old AO_LAUNCH defines to cc1111/ao_launch.h
2017-04-23 Bdale Garbeeallow multiple tests to be logged on telefiretwo withou...
2017-04-23 Bdale Garbeeimplement static test start and stop protocol for telef...
2017-04-23 Bdale Garbeeeliminate spurious close braces
2017-04-23 Bdale Garbeeadd static test start and stop commands to radio protoc...
2017-04-23 Bdale Garbeeenable logging support in telefiretwo
2017-04-22 Bdale Garbeecobble up a command to toggle logging on/off on TeleFireTwo
2017-04-22 Bdale Garbeea stab at turning on rudimentary logging for telefiretwo
2017-04-22 Keith Packardaltoslib: Add TeleFireTwo eeprom support
2017-04-22 Bdale Garbeefleshing out logging for telefiretwo
2017-04-22 Bdale Garbeeenable spi flash on telefiretwo
2017-04-22 Bdale Garbeefix TeleFireTwo product name in ao-list output
2017-04-22 Keith Packardaltos/stmf0: Pull beeper pin low when beeper is off
2017-04-22 Keith Packarddoc: Finish updates for v1.7
2017-04-22 Keith Packardaltos/lpc: Really fix aes entry in lpc vpath
2017-04-22 Keith PackardReplace turnon_telemini with v3 version. Add test-telem...
2017-04-22 Keith Packarddoc: Update TeleMini v3 photos to production unit
2017-04-22 Keith Packardalots/stmf0: Fix vpath entry for AES directory
2017-04-22 Keith Packardaltos/lpc,altos/stmf0: Use -n flag to work around link...
2017-04-22 Keith Packardaltos/telemini-v3.0: Remove vestiges of the pre-USB...
2017-04-21 Keith Packardaltos/lpc: Add (void *) cast to fix alignment warning
2017-04-21 Keith Packardaltos/lpc: Fix up Makefile definitions
2017-04-21 Keith Packardao-test-baro: Be more lax about altitude checks
2017-04-20 Keith Packardaltos/telemini-v3.0: Add flash loader
2017-04-20 Keith Packardaltos/telemini-v3.0: Update to production hardware
2017-04-19 Keith Packardaltos/telebt-v3.0: Add LCO bits for testing
2017-04-19 Keith Packardaltos/telefiretwo-v0.2: Add AO_CC1200_SPI_SPEED
2017-04-19 Bdale Garbeeadd new ADC channels for telefiretwo
2017-04-18 Bdale Garbeeneed top level Makefile too
2017-04-18 Bdale Garbeebuilds, loads, runs, not very useful yet
2017-04-18 Bdale Garbeecopy telefiretwo-v0.2 to start firmware for v1.0
2017-04-14 Keith Packardtelegps-v2.0: Remove fec_tx code and ADC logging.
2017-04-14 Keith Packardaltos/stmf0: Split up rom load in altos.ld to make...
2017-04-14 Keith Packardcortexelf-v1: Fetch data at TPB rising when MWR or...
2017-04-14 Keith Packardaltos/telegps: Inherit LDFLAGS from lpc make specification
2017-04-14 Bdale Garbeeinitial cut at telegps-v2.0 firmware
2017-04-09 Keith Packardcortexelf-v1: Initialize key matrix code
2017-04-09 Keith Packardcortexelf-v1: Bump SPI pin speed to 40MHz to for sdcard...
2017-04-09 Keith Packardaltos: Use MP switch in cortexelf boot loader for force...
2017-04-09 Keith Packardaltos: Escape lisp REP loop with () input
2017-04-09 Keith Packardaltos: Document a few more SPI mode bits in VGA driver
2017-04-09 Keith Packardaltos: Drive row low instead of high in matrix driver
2017-04-09 Keith Packardaltos: Place AS1107 in 'normal' mode at end of init...
2017-04-09 Keith Packardao-elftohex: Add conditions for skipping ELF sections
2017-04-04 Keith Packardcortexelf-v1: More 1802 noodling
2017-04-04 Keith Packardstm: Add more mask-based GPIO controls
2017-04-04 Keith Packardaltos: Allow programs to enable SDCARD debugging if...
2017-04-04 Keith Packardaltos: Disable FAT commands unless requested
2017-04-04 Keith Packardtelegps-v0.1: Hack up for SDCARD debugging
2017-04-04 Keith Packardaltos: Define CC115L spi speed in each product
2017-04-03 Keith Packardcortexelf-v1: Add pin definitions for 1802 connections
2017-04-03 Keith Packardstm: Add a few more GPIO functions to make dealing...
2017-04-03 Keith Packardcortexelf-v1: Make bit flipping array constant
2017-04-03 Keith Packardcortexelf-v1: doodling with 1802 bits
2017-04-03 Keith Packardcortexelf-v1: Add bit flipping array generator
2017-04-03 Keith Packardcortexelf-v1: Hook up hex keypad using matrix input...
2017-04-03 Keith Packardaltos: Allow buttons to be high when pressed rather...
2017-04-03 Keith Packardaltos: add button matrix driver
2017-04-03 Keith Packardcortexelf-v1: Hook up AS1107 in test mode
2017-04-03 Keith Packardaltos: Add AS1107 LED display driver
2017-04-02 Keith Packardcortexelf-v1: Add buttons
2017-04-02 Keith Packardcortexelf-v1: Add serialblather command.
2017-04-02 Keith Packardlisp: Fix up lisp build so projects can get ao_lisp_con...
2017-04-02 Keith Packardstm: Use common flash wait loop instead of inlining
2017-04-02 Keith Packardcortexelf: Add lisp interpreter
2017-04-02 Keith Packardcortexelf-v1: Use new memory map to access all flash...
2017-04-02 Keith Packardcortexelf-v1: Hook up serial consoles for debugging
2017-04-02 Keith Packardcortexelf-v1: Fix clock to drive VGA at 640/480. Add...
2017-04-02 Keith Packardcortexelf-v1: Add ps/2 and vga with graphics
2017-04-02 Bdale Garbeecapture pnpservo makefiles too
2017-04-02 Bdale Garbeemakefiles too
2017-04-02 Bdale Garbeeinitial skeleton of CortexELF support
2017-04-01 Bdale Garbeefirst rough cut at skeleton of code for pnpservo ....
2017-03-06 Keith Packarddoc: Rename telemini doc file from telemini-v1.0.inc...