Increase the initial accel/baro average to 1000 samples
[fw/altos] / ao_ee.c
2009-04-26 Keith PackardAdd configuration support
2009-04-21 Keith PackardFix up fancy dbg stuff. Add teleterra initial bits.
2009-04-21 Keith PackardAdd radio support. Build separate executables for TeleM...
2009-04-19 Keith PackardStart using pdata area for less-frequently used data sn1-flight1
2009-04-19 Keith PackardFix GPL version at 2
2009-04-15 Keith PackardUse ao_ee_flush_internal while holding mutex
2009-04-15 Keith PackardAdd in existing flight pieces: flight/report/log
2009-04-14 Keith PackardAdd eeprom driver and command loop