update changelogs for Debian build
[fw/altos] / .gitignore
2009-08-19 Bdale GarbeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.gag.com/scm/git...
2009-08-18 Keith PackardUse --tty/-T on command line to specify target device
2009-08-18 Keith PackardRename tools to ao-<foo>
2009-06-04 Keith PackardMerge ccdbg and altos sources into one giant repository
2009-06-04 Keith PackardUse autotools, move altos to src subdir
2009-05-29 Keith PackardChange .gitignore to match new aoload procedure
2009-04-26 Keith PackardLabel binaries with product and serial info
2009-04-24 Keith PackardUpdate flight algorithm based on data collected from...
2009-04-22 Keith PackardAdd new binaries to .gitignore
2009-04-13 Keith PackardAdd beep/led support.
2009-04-13 Keith PackardAdd .gitignore
2008-12-20 Keith PackardClean up autotools stuff.
2008-12-20 Keith PackardIgnore .ihx files
2008-12-19 Keith Packardignore more stuff
2008-11-28 Keith PackardAdd prototypes, add stub mainline, add .gitignore