descriptionhex-channel flight computer with telemetry
ownerBdale Garbee
last changeThu, 19 Apr 2018 07:46:31 +0000 (01:46 -0600)
2018-04-19 Bdale GarbeeMerge commit 'ea4cbfb' master
2018-04-01 Bdale Garbeedrop lipo charge current to 400mA
2018-02-26 Bdale Garbeeroute complete, drc clean
2018-02-25 Bdale Garbeeswap accel interrupt lines at ARM SOC to ease routing
2018-02-25 Bdale Garbeewe actually need to provide power to both accel power...
2018-02-25 Bdale Garbeeupdate schematic to use ADXL375 as high-g accel
2017-11-10 Bdale Garbeemove to Keith's ufqfpn24 footprint for MPU9250
2017-11-10 Bdale Garbeereplace 9250 footprint with corrected version
2017-10-12 Bdale Garbeelose the gps_pps net, ground IMU's FSYNC pin instead fab-v3.0
2017-10-12 Bdale Garbeenew version of pcb updated the file
2016-11-04 Bdale Garbeeupdated artwork for prototype of v3.0
2016-11-04 Bdale Garbeereplace MPU-6000 and HMC5883L with MPU-9250 for v3.0
2016-10-18 Bdale Garbeelose 'provided' attributes, let pref parts database...
2016-01-11 Bdale Garbeemeta-data updates for v2.0 build fab-v2.0
2015-11-26 Bdale Garbeereduce pcb workspace size to board outline again, make...
2015-11-15 Bdale Garbeehide refdes associated with (new) servos connector
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