SCOPE Pictures from RUDAK Testing in Orlando

First-Ever 800x600 Images via RUDAK

These pictures were taken on Sunday, 14 March 1999, in Orlando at the Phase-3D lab. There was a mirror propped up on top of the satellite over the camera lenses to give us a view of something other than the ceiling. The exposure times were 4 seconds, and these were taken with SCOPE B.

The people in picture 4 are Chuck Green N0ADI on the left, and John Conner WD0FHG on the right. Picture 5 has Bdale Garbee N3EUA on the left, and John Conner WD0FHG on the right.

The funny angle and I think some of the visual artifacts are due to the cheap mirror we used to take horizontal pictures with the cameras facing straight up, and to the large number of reflecting surfaces nearby.

First, the BMP "Quick Pics". These are just as downloaded from RUDAK:

Here are the raw data files from the image buffers for each: Each of the raw files was passed through the netpbm tool rawtopgm, which generated a portable graymap. This file differs from the raw file only by the inclusion of a header, so I won't bother with those files here. The three graymaps were combined to a color image using the netpbm tool rgb3toppm, which produced a .ppm file for each picture: These files were loaded into the GIMP, rotated or flipped (I don't recall which), and then written out as jpeg files with 100% quality:

Exposure Comparisons

These pictures show the behaviour of SCOPE A. All were taken with the same lighing in the cleanroom, and are pictures of the ceiling. The flourescent lights were on, so the room was fairly bright. The lighting was essentially the same as for the pictures taken above. They seem dark to me. This set was taken on Sunday early afternoon with SCOPE A. They are mostly black. I think this was a 4-second exposure of the ceiling.

We switched over to SCOPE B after this so that we could focus on getting full-resolution picutres out of the camera, and did not get time to take another full-res picture with SCOPE A.

I include these files mostly in the hope that they might provide some information, not because I'm convicned that they mean anything.

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