Amsat Phase-3D Rudak Schematics

This page provides access to Postscript images of the Phase-3D Rudak schematics and prepared by WA7GXD and provided to N3EUA.

WARNING - All of these files can be viewed using Ghostscript and the gv viewer under Debian GNU/Linux. They all have various problems though, as Lyle and I have been learning how best to generate printable Postscript files from the latest Orcad. Once Lyle is back in the country, we will freshen these files, taking advantage of what we've learned. In the meantime, CPU B and the DSP modems print essentially correctly, except that you may lose some of the page borders on A sized paper. The hardware modems are scaled A size, but rotated in a strange way so that you can't really get them to come out right on an A sized printer. The SIMMs can be made to print, but you get a scaled down image rotated to fit on an A size page, using only part of the page as a result.

In other words, don't waste your time trying to make paper from these files. If you really need a printed set, ask Bdale to make you a set.

Rudak consists of a stack of 4 major boards. Two are CPU boards with V53 procesors, one holds the 9k6 hardwired modems and the high-speed modem, and the last holds all the DSP modulators and demodulators. Additionally, there are customized memory SIMM boards populated with 25ns static RAMs organized to support the Rudak EDAC controller's needs.

Block Diagram

This is Jim White's latest cut at a Block Diagram for the system.


This is the primary CPU board, with most of the external connectoring.


This is the secondary CPU board, almost like the primary.

Hardware Modems

The 9k6 hardwired modems, and the 153k6 modem.

DSP Modems

The sea of Analog Devices DSP chips...

Memory SIMMs

Used on both CPU boards.
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