RUDAK Efforts at N3EUA

14 October 1998


Shortly after midnight, I viewed the first picture taken by the SCOPE EM and downloaded through the RUDAK EM! Unfortunately, it's a horrible picture. I then moved things around and got a much more interesting picture about 1am.

The first picture is of my basement wall, about 3 feet in front of the lens. The picture is very dark, because it's a concrete wall with tar on it that was once an exterior surface. The speckling is dirt and sawdust clinging to the wall. The only "interesting" feature is the vertical stripe near the right, which is a piece of metal electrical conduit that will someday bring power to one of the outlets on the wall.

The second picture is of me, Bdale N3EUA, about 3 feet from the lens, with the background showing the telecom rack and server table holding the server this web page is on in the background wrapped in plastic to keep the dust from the construction away, and to the left is the east wall window out of my new basement workshop.

The pictures come out of the camera as "quick pictures" in BMP format but byte-swapped. I used 'dd conv=swap' to swap the bytes, then used 'xv' to tweak them. The picture of the wall is heavily gamma-corrected since it started out nearly black, the picture of me was rotated and reversed to correct for my having the SCOPE EM "not right side up" when I took the picture... but it is otherwise untouched. These were taken with a 1000ms exposure time in a fairly dark room.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll try retrieving a full-resolution, full-color image...

11 October 1998

Working on getting RUDAK to boot SCOPE, in Bdale's new basement workshop with no power, no heat, etc etc...
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