Amsat Phase-3D Rudak

Those of us actively working to make Rudak happen for Phase-3D needed a place to record our learnings, and this is that place.

This is a working document set supporting the project. It is not published, and should not be communicated to others without the consent of Rudak project manager Lyle WA7GXD.

The publicly-viewable information about Rudak is out on the main AMSAT web server, .



Things Lyle Told Us

Analog Channel Assignments

channel what description
0 Vreg Temp Thermistor on 5V Regulator
1 Mem Temp Thermistor in Memory Bank
2 +10V Local 1/3 of +10SW on this CPU board
3 +10V Remote 1/3 of +10SW on the other CPU board
4 Vcc Remote 1/2 of +5V on the other CPU board
5 Icc Remote VCC current as drop across 0.1 ohm resistor on other CPU board
6 Icc Local VCC current as drop across 0.1 ohm resistor on this CPU board
7 Vcc Local 1/2 of +5V on this CPU board

Controls RBL Needs to Set

Things to Test

Who We Are

This is in no particular order... did I miss anyone?
Who Email What
Bdale Garbee N3EUA Device drivers, hardare/software integration, GPS and Scope tasks
John Conner WD0FHG Test software, CAN drive
Lyle Johnson WA7GXD Project Leader, hardware design and testing
Chuck Green N0ADI PCB designer, assembly, spacecraft integration
Jim White WD0E chief control operator, housekeeping task, test plan
Robert Diersing N5AHD RBL, the Rudak bootrom
Harold Price NK6K SCOS kernel, QAX protocol stack

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