Garbee Rockets

Photo of Bdale and Robert with 
Horizon just before successful level 2 certification flight

Building and launching model rockets is one of our favorite hobby activities right now. While everyone in the family gets into the act in one way or another, Bdale and Robert are the most serious and so most Garbee rocket projects end up being father and son affairs...

Bdale is NAR Sr member 87103 and holds a level 3 high power certification, Robert is NAR Jr member 87104. We have family memberships in (and regularly enjoy flying our models with!) local clubs COSROCS, which is NAR section #515, SCORE, which is NAR section #632, and NCR, which is NAR section #565 and Tripoli Rocket Association Prefecture #72. We have also flown with Tripoli Colorado and ARS.

Vendors we frequent:

Bdale's L3 Projects

A related project Bdale works on intends to deliver a set of fully open hardware and software designs for rocketry avionics, under the overall name AltusMetrum.

Rocketry books we like:

Note that Topics in Advanced Model Rocketry is definitely not for everyone, as it's heavy on math and isn't a "how to" book at all! The others are great general books for learning about and gaining greater enjoyment from the hobby.

We're planning to put more info here soon, including information about our rocket fleet, projects we're working on, launch logs, and links to other resources on the web we've found useful. Check back from time to time and see what we're up to!