W9YA Elegant Launch Controller

The Rocketeer's favorite Launch Controller System

Design Goals;

- Complete safety when used in the correct manner. i.e. NO surprise ignitions.
- Single battery design.
- Uses only single pole switches for reliability and safety.
- Parts availability from chain store local outlets that also have internet ordering.
- Low cost and minimal parts count without sacrificing either reliability or ruggedness.
- LOW CURRENT igniter (continuity) testing; less than 10ma with a 12 volt battery.
- Continuity sounders at both the pad and launch units.
- Full diagnostics of both units AND the cabling without the need for additional test equipment.
- High current paths are direct with only the relay contacts and a high-current safety switch between the battery and the igniter.
- Sounders at both ends warn about incorrect operation, including launch key insertion, in a direct and easy to understand manner.
- Operational range of 750-1000 feet is possible using 16 gauge 3 conductor power cable. Longer range with simple range extenders.
- Either of the two units may be used standalone for low power launches. (Requires cable adapters.)

Rocket Graphics courtesy of the Crystal Space Community.